How To Create And Fill Fake Registration Details For a site Quickly.

When you visit a site, to get complete access to the site they come up with a registration form to register on their site. Entering name, address, email and contact details not only take your time but also your personal details and you have to compromise with your privacy. It happen many time that these sites sell all your details with other company for advertisement and you start getting calls and annoying and useless messages or emails.

But you can prevent this from happening and can save your personal details and don’t worry you still get complete access to the site just by installing a simple Chrome Extension Fake Data which help the registration form with random but the real type of information.  

Now you all may think that what so new in it, you can do the same from and me also, agree with you, but at the time filling the form, we have to copy the details one by one manually and this form fill process not only takes times but also irritates us a lot. But if you use this extension then you can fill any form just by clicks.

How To Fill a Form With Fake Details very Quickly.

I am explaining this process those who use Chrome Browser to fill the form.

Method 1

01. Open your chrome browser and install an extension name Fake Data.

02. Open the form which you want to fill with fake details, click on the box in which you want to fill data and press right click on your mouse.

03. Click on Fake Data from the drop-down options and then you will find a list of data items (full_name, last_name, username, phone, password and more), choose the data item which you want to fill. Like you want to fill username than click on username from the list. And fill the rest form in the same manner.

Method 2

01. If you still finding it difficult to fill the form then you can try another option. With Fake Date, you can also fill the entire form just by one click-just press Alt + Shift + Double Click.

Now you can see that your entire form is filled with data in just one click.
By default, Fake Data is set to use US data but if you wish you can change it from options. You can also save your own data to enter automatically.

Important to note:

Filling the entire form with a fake date is good but remember that if the form includes any CAPTCHA than fill it manually or you will get an error.

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