How To Block Auto-playing Videos in Chrome and Firefox.

It is one the most annoying feature which every web user face that video start playing automatically in the background as soon as you browse the web. Some time we ignore it but if you are working in a shared environment or public place and video start playing with a loud sound than it doesn’t feel good.
Fortunately, most of the web browser offers some settings to block such content like auto-playing.

How To Block Auto-playing videos in Chrome.

A simple step you can perform with your chrome browser when you are on annoying sites that you can mute the auto-playing video.

01. Click on ‘view site information’ in the upper left corner [ Lock Symbol ] and click on ‘site setting’.

02. Here, you will find the list of permission that you want to Allow/Block. Scroll down and you will find an option ‘sound’ set it to ‘mute’.  

Block auto-playing videos on Chrome [ Desktop ].

01. Open your Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy” in the Address bar. You will redirect to the flags page and here you can change the default setting of Autoplay Policy.

02. Change the default setting to ‘document user activation is required’ which mean that video will play only when you interact with it or when you want to play it.

Now, no video will start playing automatically until you want to play it.

Block auto-playing videos on Chrome [ Android ].

Google Chrome auto-playing setting for Android devices are different from desktop chrome setting for auto-playing videos.

01. On Android, open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and open settings.

02. Under settings, scroll down and click on Site settings > Media.

03. Inside Media, you will find Autoplay an option which you can enable or disable.

How to block auto-playing videos in Firefox.

There is a couple of ways to stop auto-playing video in Firefox.

01. Open your Firefox browser and type ‘ about:config ’ in the address bar. You may get a warning, click on ‘I accept the risk’.

02. Inside the search box, shown above search “media.autoplay.default” (without cots).

03. Double click on it and change the integer value to ‘1’ which means “Block all autoplay video”.

1: Block all auto-playing videos.

2: Get asked on a by-domain basis about whether or not to play.

In the new version of Firefox, it is set with ‘1’ but if you are using the old version than change the integer value to 1.

One last thing which you can do is simply install the Flashblock add-on which can block any flash videos or content that start playing as soon as you visit the site. If you want to run the blocked item, simply click on Play Button.

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