How To Block spying ads and Invisible Trackers on Your Browser.

Block spying ads and invisible trackers.

Many website use invisible trackers to record details of there visitors. This information includes your personal details like your IP address & operating system.

On the modern Web which you use is embedded with images, code cookies, and other methods to track your browsing behavior to display advertisements on the web. The domain that does this are called 'Third Party Trackers'.

These trackers also have a system which reports back whenever you return to the site. They know almost everything about you except your name.

Fortunately you can block invisible trackers using a simple Add-on name ‘Privacy Badger’ available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and it is free of cost from a non-profitable organization EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

How does Privacy Badger work

When you visit a website, that page may be made up of content from different sources like an article from the company, ads from the advertising company and the comment section from a different company, and all come together to provide you that service. Privacy Badger keeps tracking all of this and comes to action when it is needed. 

How To Use Privacy Badger for Firefox and Chrome.

After installing it, you can see a button is added to the top of your browser. Now browse the web as normal you are using it and Privacy Badger will look for spying ads and trackers. You can click the Privacy Badger button to display anything is found by it or not.

The most intrusive trackers will be shown as green (safe). You can use sliders to change and know how Privacy Badger handles each one. You can block cookies or fully block ad domain and with time it will automatically learn how you want to handle the various trackers just by observing your behavior or how you browse the web.

Green means there's a third party domain, but it yet not been observed tracking you across multiple sites, so it might be unobjectionable.

Yellow means that the third party domain appears to be trying to track you, but it is on Privacy Badger's cookie-blocking "yellowish" of third-party domains that seemed to be necessary for Web functionality.

Red means that content from the third party tracker has been completely disallowed.

Privacy Badger analyzes each and every third party's behavior and picks what it thinks is the right setting for each domain, but you can adjust the sliders if you wish.

Click on the Setting, cog to access the Filter Setting. Here, you can set the action you want to take with every tracker founded by Privacy Badger. You can also white list the domains which you think is safe and useful for you.

And the General Settings tab lets you manage notifications for it.    

How To Remove Privacy Badger from your browser.

* Remove Extension From Chrome-

01. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and go to More Tools.
02. Click on Extension and you will find all the installed extension there.
03. Click on Remove. And you are done.

* Remove Extension From Firefox-

01. Click on the menu button, then click on Add-ons.
02. Select the 'Extension or Themes' and select the add-ons you want to disable.
03. Click on the 'Disable' button and you are done.

"Privacy Badger will NEVER share data about your browsing unless you choose to share it."

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