How To Change The Login Email Address of a Blogger (Blogspot) Account.

blogger gmail change

Changing the blogger email address or moving one blogger account to another email address is not a one-step process and blogger does not permit to it directly but still, there is a way by which you can change your email address for the blogger account.

There are many possible reasons for which you want to change the email of your blogger account.

Some Possible reasons are that-

  • Most of blogger start there blog with a random email address and later they think that the email address should match the blog niche. You want to change the email address because you want to match your email Address with the blog niche.

  • You create a blog and after running it for a few months, you got a buyer and to change the ownership of that blogger account, you want to change the email address with your buyer email address.

  • You are running multiple blogs and finding it difficult to manage all with the same email id. To manage your different blogs with different email id.

How To Transfer one Blogger Account to Another Email Address.

Before starting the process, let us consider that you want to move a blogger account from Email A to Email B.

Here are the following steps to do so-

Step1: Open your blogger account and select the blog for which you want to change the email (Email A) then go to Settings > Basic. Under Basic settings, scroll down and move to Permissions then click on +Add Authors.


Step 2: Add another email Id (Email B) to which you want to move this blogger account and click on Invite authors.

blogger author

Step 3: Open the other email account (Email B) in a different browser or device. Now open the email that you got and click on Accept invitation. After clicking on Accept invitation button, you will redirect to blogger account.

blogger email change

Important note:
Perform this entire process with two different browsers, one browser login with Email A and another login with Email B. You can also use two different devices.

Step 4: Inside the blogger account, check the email shown there (should match with Email B) and click on Accept invitation button once again.

move blogger account

Now you can see that the blog is added to the blogger account in which you want to add but as an author profile and you are not getting the complete access of the blog. To get the complete access of the blog and remove the same blog from the previous email address (Email A), continue the steps shown below-

Step 5: Open the previous blogger account (Email A), go to Settings > Basic > Permissions. Select the new email address which is added there and select Admin from the drop-down menu.

blogger admin setting

Step 6: Now open another blogger account (Email B) and go to Settings> Basic> Permissions section, remove the email address (Email A) by clicking on the cross button.

admin setting

This is the complete process by which you can change the email address of a blogger account or move one blogger account to another.


My small suggestion is if you want to change the email address of your (Blogspot) blog then try to change it in earlier days of your blogging because once you start with a blog, your visitors getting connected with your email, your Adsense account and many more things are there and changing the email address at that time also follow the same process but may affect you a lot.

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