How To Make the Battery On Laptop Last for Longer Hours.

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You bought a laptop a few months ago and you get five to seven hours work from it. But now after a few months, the battery only lasts for two hours. Now you may think that your battery got damage and you are planning to buy a new battery but hold on, before buying a new battery make a check whether this problem is due to the battery or something else. To do so-

One thing you may notice that in the earlier month, you never hear the hard drive or fan running but now they are running non-stop.

How To Improve Laptop’s Battery Performance.

01. If you are running Windows 10, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager, then select the Start-up tab to see what is listed there. You can see that each program is rated by its impact: Low or High. If you find anything with impact High and you don’t need that application, try to uninstall it.

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02. Keep the Task Manager opens select Processes and click on Memory to see if anything is using more than its share of resources.

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03. You can install the free version of HWMonitor to check your battery’s status and the temperature of your PC’s components. HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program which can read the main health sensors like fan speed, temperatures, voltage, etc.

Before replacing the battery, check it once by the process discussed above in this post and take your decision accordingly.

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