How To Remove Unwanted Ads, Pop-ups and Malware from Chrome.

Chrome user sometimes face problem like unwanted ads, pop-ups, and malware while browsing on the web using Chrome browser and most of the time we ignore them thinking that chrome wants us to see those ads and pop-ups. But all those unwanted ads, pop-ups are not shown by chrome browser, chrome never support such interface which can create a problem for their users.

The problems users a face with chrome browser-

  • Some pop-ups ads get stuck on the browser and hard to remove.
  • The search engine gets changed without your permission.
  • Some unwanted chrome extension gets added automatically to the browser.
  • Many new unwanted tabs get open without any need.

If you are the user who is facing all these problems with your chrome browser then it means you may have installed some unwanted software or malware on your computer.


Just reset your browser settings to overcome all these problems of unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware.

How To Reset your Chrome Browser Settings.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser on your computer, click on three dots in the upper right corner and open Settings.

reset chrome to remove unwanted ads and pop-ups

Step 2: Under Settings, scroll down and click on Advanced.

remove unwanted ads and pop-ups and malware

Step 3: Scroll down and move to ‘Reset and clean up’, click on "Restore settings to their original default".

reset chrome settings

Step 4: Click on Reset settings.

remove unwanted malware, pop-ups and ads

After resetting your browser settings, all extension might get turned off, turn on only those extensions you trust.


Stay away from ads like you win a contest or you get an expensive copyrighted content for free because all are trick to download unwanted software or extensions.  

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