What Are The Things You Must Block Online.

Today the web is brimming with useful information, engaging content and awesome free tools, but at the same time it is full with a lot of unpleasantness like irritating adverts that obscure your view of pages, so many hidden trackers that keep eye on your activities, trolls that spam and harass you, videos that playing automatically and some hidden code in images.

In this post we are going to show you how to overcome these threats and irritations, so you enjoy the web unrestricted.

In this post you will learn how to block adverts, stop auto-playing videos and GIFs, how to block invisible trackers, block annoying facebook ‘friends’ and much more using the latest browser tools and tricks. 

Block All Third-Party cookies.

There are some cookies available on the web which operate on multiple websites and allow third parties- mainly the advertisers to build up a profile of the site that you visit to track your browsing activities.

You can easily block these third-party cookies, but make sure that it may cause some websites to behave strangely.

Block spying ads and invisible trackers.

Now many websites use invisible trackers to record details of there visitors. This information includes your personal details like your IP address & operating system. It also has a system which reports back whenever you return to the site. 

All do this data is collecting anonymously but you may feel that a site virtually know everything about you except your name.

Fortunately, you can block all the invisible tracker by using Privacy Badger from non-profit organization EFF and it is available for all most every browser, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Privacy Badger turns red to show you if the site you are viewing is trying to spy you.

Block Auto-playing videos in your browser.

Videos that start playing automatically as soon as you open a page is incredibly annoying and especially when you are working in a shared environment and the video starts playing with a loud sound.

You might be able to stop them by using some ad blocker but some may still slip throughout. Luckily, most web browsers offer some settings to block such content like auto-playing.

Stop YouTube Autoplay video.

You watch videos on YouTube but as soon as your video finished playing, another video suddenly starts playing by YouTube. This can feel annoying if you want to watch that video or want to post a comment on it. But you can stop this occurring by a simple trick, just flick the small Autoplay switch in the top-right corner to off. 

Annoying Facebook ‘friend’.

If some friend on Facebook posts annoying content, you can unfriend them, but this could be awkward if they find out. A better solution to stay away from such friends on Facebook is to unfollow them, so you no longer able to see what they post but remain friends.

To do this, click on the down arrow to the right of one of their posts and select Unfollow [Name]. You can also re-follow them easily if you change your mind later.

Many websites are funded purely by advertising. If you block their ads, you could potentially be jeopardizing their existence.

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