How To Remove Pet Hair From Laptop Without Demaging The Keys.

Your laptop got overheated sometimes but it doesn’t mean that you are using it from a long time. The problem behind this overheating is that your cooling fan sucks in dust which block the fins of the heat-pipe carrying heat away from the processor.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of the openings. But before starting the cleaning process, make sure to switch off the laptop first and if you want to clean your keyboard too than just be careful that the suction doesn’t hoover up the keys.

If you own a cat that one not so simple problem is that your cat hair gets sucked in by your laptop fan and in the gape between the fins which exchanges heat.

Normally, in this case, you have to dismantle your laptop to fix this problem and it is not so easy and time taking process, you can try an alternative to fix it. To do so-

  • Take a sharp knife and cut a 15cm thick fishing line or you can also use thin grass-strimmer cable. It needs to be stiff but thin enough to go between the fins in your laptop.

  • Cut one end of the line at an angle to make a sharp point and a little way behind it, make a second cut but not all the way through. Twist the blade of your knife to make a hook in the wire.

  • Now, push the hook you’ve created through the laptop outlet vent far enough to get into the fan, remove it and it will pull out a little of the cat hair wad. Keep doing the same process until you removed enough and finish off by vacuuming the outlet vent.   

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