You Don't Need Software ! Do Everything Online.

How many additional software you have installed  in your PC to do your everyday work. Let me guess, around 10 to 15 or even more. It is very common to have 10-20 additional software installed in the PC to make our work done because there are many different tasks like protecting your PC from malware & viruses, video editing, image editing, for converting a file, save music from YouTube, download any web video, create and edit the document, compress the file and many more such task are only done by using a software.

But what you think if I say that you can perform the all-this task and many more other tasks without using any software. Yes, you can perform all such tasks online by using your web-browser.

As we all know that installing a number of Softwares decrease the performance of your PC. So now without wasting much time, go and check the list of the task given below which you can perform online and uninstall the software which you are using right-now for doing that task. 

List of Task You Can Perform Online and the software you no longer need-

  • Scan For Malware From Anywhere.
  • Speed Up Your PC Over The Web.
  • Convert Files Without Using Software. 
  • Edit Video From Any Device. 
  • Edit Your Photos. 
  • Download Any Web Video. 
  • Create Photo Collages. 
  • Create And Edit PDFs In Browser. 
  • Compress File Online. 
  • Extract Text From Images. 

01. Scan For Malware From Anywhere.

Website to use- &

There is no alternate for installing reliable, up-to-date security software to protect your PC from viruses and other malware. The paid antivirus software provides good service and support but most use free antivirus which has many downsides. Free software uses your system in their own way and slows down your PC.

It is better to use an online scanner instead of installing free software which accesses the entire system resources. 

The best online scanner which you can use is the VirusTotal which analyses suspicious files and web addresses using 56 different antivirus engines like Avast, Bitdefender and Sophos.

It is best to use an online scanner if you want to check a specific file or website and you don’t want to run a full scan of your PC.

You can also use ESET online Scanner which offers free one-time scan to detect and remove malware from your browser. 

web based service to remove antivirus

Software You Can Uninstall  
AVG Free AntiVirus

02. Speed Up Your PC Over The Web.

Website to use-

I guess you all the familiar with CCleaner which helps us all in regular maintenance of our PC and keeps our PC running smoothly. There is no dought that CCleaner is one of the best free system cleaning tools.

But did you know that now you don’t have to download the CCleaner because it is available on the web. CCleaner cloud lets you remotely manage and maintain your PC. It can quickly remove junk and disable unnecessary programs.

The free version of CCleaner helps you in maintaining up to three computers and it is enough for most people like us. And you will get only 100 notification of actions per day

web based service to clean your PC

Software You Can Uninstall

03. Convert Files Without Using Software.

We work with so many different file formats and many times we need to convert one file format into another just to open it.

You may need to convert a video in MP4 format to AVI or a BMP photo to JPEG format. Most the converter which we download only use to do a specific task like a video converter can only convert video files.

Now with this fast-growing technology, you don’t have to download or install anything to convert any type of file. You can do all such work online using the web.
ZamZar is one the best  and versatile web-based converter, supporting more than 1200 different conversions including video, audio, ebook, image, and documents. The process using ZamZar is very much simple, upload a file to the site > choose the format to covert > click on convert now.

CloudConvert is also a good web-based converter that supports more than 200 different formats. The free version is limited to 25 minutes conversions per day, five concurrent conversion and 1GB maximum file size but that should be enough for most people’s needs.

web based service to convert files

Software You Can Uninstall
Prism Video Converter

04. Edit Video From Any Device.

Website to use- &

Now everyone need a video editing software some are for personal work or some for professional. But can’t use the software anytime or anywhere because of good video editing software is large in size and time to load and most of them are complicated to use.

You can use an online video editor like WeVideo which is very fast and smooth. It offers all the features that you expect from a similar Desktop tool in your browser.

If you don’t want to do the hard work than you can also use the excellent web tool Magisto which can create movies from your video clips and photos. It is free to use for a short movie of less than 1.15 minutes or you can pay $2.49 per month for more features and flexibility.

web based online video editor

Software You Can Uninstall
Windows Movie Maker

05. Edit Your Photos.

Now all want to be active on a social media platform and to stay active you all click a number of photos every day. Are you going to upload all the photos, no you are going to choose the best one and make a few changes or editing before uploading it on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are looking to turn your selfie into a work of art, Prisma is best because it offers a range of editing tools, filters, and effects.

If you want to edit your photos in your browser then you can use a lot of web-based options like Pixlr Editor, BeFunky and LunaPic. There are many other options for online photo editor but these three are best from the rest.

web based online photo editor

Software You Can Uninstall

06. Download Any Web Video.

You can download videos of YouTube and Vimeo using software such as Freemake Video Downloader but actually there is no need to install any software to download such videos.

The free online tool ClipConvert can download videos from YouTube and convert them into any choice video or audio-only formats. You just have to paste the video URL, select the format and click on download.

The another free online tool is and it can download videos from most the video service like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch. You can download any video from your browser just with a single click. 

web based online video downloader

Software You Can Uninstall
Freemake Video Download

07. Create Photo Collage Online. 

Website to use-

If you have a lot of photos and you want to display them all, turning them into a collage is a better option and makes it easier to share your pictures.

If you are looking for an online tool to do so, Fotojet is an excellent online collage maker having more than 600 designs to choose from. Just click on Make a collage, select one theme and add your photos from your drive. You can auto-enhance, crop, rotate and resize them. Fotojet is free to use but you have to sign up to use it.   
online photo collages maker

Software You Can Uninstall

08. Create And Edit PDFs In Your Browser.

Website to use- &  

Portable Document Format which we call as PDF in-short is useful and let you present a document exactly the way it’s supposed to appear un-like word files. You have to buy software like Adobe Acrobat to work with PDFs but now thanks to web-based tools which can perform all tasks without installing any software and you don’t even have to pay for it.

Online PDF Converter is a good tool for creating a PDF document. It lets you edit, merge and help in converting between formats. However, there are some restriction like maximum size per file should be 50MB but you can select 20 files in one go and they mustn’t exceed 100MB in total.

If you want to do something more with your PDF files, you can go for ILovePDF which provide tools for splitting and merging PDFs, compressing or adding watermark to your PDF and you can also convert them to Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

web based online pdf editor and converter

Software You Can Uninstall
Adobe Acrobat

09. Compress Files Online.

Website to use- &

If you want to send someone a selection of files then you should zip them up to reduce their size. Wait, are you going to use the compressing software like WinZip or 7-zip to compress your files.

Now you are not going to need them anymore because you can compress files using an online free service ezyZip. You just have to enter a name for the compressed file and select files to archive. You can also use ezyZip to open zip files but your ad blocker needs to be disabled at that time.

You can also use Wobzip which can compress and open files online and it supports a rand of formats including Zipping, 7z, RAR and ISO.

compress file online

Software You Can Uninstall

10. Extract Text From Images.

Website to use-

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) pulls words from pictures such as the document you have scanned. If you already know about this complex task then it means you also know that software is needed to perform this task but now the excellent Free-OCR ( can do the same job in your browser. Upload an image in JPGE, GIF or PDF format (maximum size 6MB) and Free-OCR will turn the picture into editable text. 

image to text converter online

Software You Can Uninstall   
ABBYY Fine Reader

So now it is the time not to rely on software completely for our every task and no need to download and install bloated Desktop programs. Go and try all these web-based services listed above and post your review in the comment section.          

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