Best New Websites You Should Visit.

Here is the list of the best website that you should visit and explore.


Thunderbirds are go.
It’s 50 years since sci-fi puppet series Thunderbirds ended its first run, but it has been kept alive with remakes and CGI updates. This site encapsulates the magic of the latest incarnation perfectly. Each section takes a while to load, but you won’t need any help from Brains to navigate the site. You’ll soon be enjoying short bios of the 14 listed characters and looking at the various flying and ground-based vehicles. There are lots of photos and videos on offer and fun games to play. Older viewers may bemoan the absence of the old puppets, but it still brims with nostalgia while offering plenty for new Thunderbirds fans.


Discovering Britain.

Whether you fancy a quick stroll or a long walk, this fascinating website from the Royal Geographical Society will take you on a voyage of discovery. The site seeks to teach you about the geographical stories that lie behind our country’s rich and varied landscapes. We love the exhaustive detail, from overviews of the walks to downloadable audio guides and booklets. There’s plenty for armchair explorers, too, including aerial photos and location guides, all presented in an attractive, accessible manner that’s a joy to navigate. Indeed, you’ll learn so much, whether your interest is rural, urban or coastal, that you’ll never see the UK in the same way again.


Samsung VR.

Virtual reality is gaining ground this year, thanks to headsets from HTC and Oculus Rift, and Facebook and YouTube offering 360° videos. Now Samsung has joined the fray with this collection of videos that work in your browser but is optimized for use with a Gear VR headset. The videos vary in quality but the best allows you to explore the haunted house used in the recent horror film The Conjuring 2 and view the story of the Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit. It’s still a bit of a gimmick, and some of the videos may make you feel queasy, but it’s a good pointer towards the future.


UK Recall.

Manufacturers recall products from time to time when they prove to be faulty or potentially dangerous, but you may not realize that something you’ve bought is affected. This site from the Retail Ombudsman is a central point for registering appliances. Enter an item’s model and serial numbers, along with the date of purchase and warranty period, to register it on the manufacturers’ database. Then, if there’s a problem, you’ll be emailed details of what to do next. The site also lists product recalls and alerts going back to 2002, which you can search by category and brand.


UK Nature Breaks.

Aimed at holidaymakers who love the great outdoors, this site from the RSPB finds you accommodation across the UK. It’s more of a hub than a standalone resource, letting you book cottages via (for a steep fee of £37), and lodges and boats through Hoseasons. Once you’ve provided details of your intended stay, you’re quickly shown the available accommodation and can filter the results further. You can also read the blog, view details of RSPB events and reserves, and see ideas for activities. Best of all, 10% of the money you pay goes to the RPSB.


Move It Boom Rio.

This health-conscious site uses the Rio Olympics in Brazil to inspire children to keep fit and healthy. It revolves around a fun cartoon-like a game that asks youngsters to complete physical tasks in real life, such as jumping, climbing and running, to prevent the evil Count Gusto from ruining a fictional Olympic event. It’s an innovative idea that keeps kids motivated through unlockable achievements and lovely conversational asides. It’s just a shame that it’s only aimed at children in Leicester – hence the local park maps, club details, and Leicester-focused leaderboard. Other NHS Trusts should take a look.


Moss Bros.

This fresh look for the menswear retailer really measures up. The site presents its products in dashing style, using high-quality photos, and makes buying easy by providing drop-down menus for the length and size of garments, and speedy checkout. We like the comprehensive and prominent size guide on each product page, which gives advice on choosing trousers, shorts, casual wear, coats, shoes, and hats. It also tells you how to measure and explains how clothes will fit, removing much of the guesswork. There are lots of great offers, too, with the latest deals prominent on the homepage.


The Movie Database.

Film and TV fans will love this movie database, which is jam-packed with information and images, and updated regularly by its users. A mobile-friendly redesign has made listings easier to read, and you can rate films and save them as favorites. As well as recommendations and highlighted discoveries, the site offers well-written plot summaries, cast lists and details of budgets, revenues, release dates and runtimes. Yet it’s the media that most people will love about this blockbuster of a site, with loads of great videos, wallpapers, and posters to download and use. It’s a definite must-visit.


Weather Observation Website.

Living in such a weather-obsessed nation, we expect this website will be snowed under with visitors. It invites people to submit their own weather observations and see them visualized on a world map (or locally, if you prefer). Produced by the Met Office, the site lets you search by location or time period and delve into the various layers, from temperature and wind direction to rainfall and soil moisture. You can filter the results according to official or submitted observations. Clicking a location gives you the lowdown on the present conditions, and adding your own observations is simple. We forecast that our weather obsession is about to get stronger.


Woof On The Wall.
It sounds like a barking mad idea but the student behind this site hopes people will “paws” for reflection when they see his artwork. Ryan Harrison produces pictures based on the recordings of dog barks, having noted that different breeds and sizes produce different sound waves. The site lets you buy the results in frames or on canvas, mugs, bags, and cushions. Sadly, the sprawling pages need to be far better organized, the product photos should showcase what’s on offer more effectively and the checkout process needs to be simplified. It’s an intriguing concept, but a little ruff!

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