Catch People Trying To Use Your Phone.

Apple and Google both offer free services for locating, locking and wiping a lost or stolen phone, called Find My Phone and Find Your Phone, respectively. 

As the latter has just been added to Google’s My Account hub ( to make it easier to track down and sign out of a missing handset. Useful though these are, they don’t tell you who snatched your phone, which is where Lock watch comes in. This free Android app captures a photo when someone tries to unlock your phone using the wrong PIN, password or pattern. It then emails you the picture with a map of your device’s location. 

Lockwatch works silently and invisibly with your phone’s front camera and starts automatically when needed, so you don’t need to keep it running all the time.

Alternatively, Prey Anti Theft for iOS and Android ( lets you remotely control your phone's camera(s) to take photos of the snooper, pinpoint their location and delete all stored passwords from your device.

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