How to clean up your local Disk C and make your PC much Faster.

As we all know that with time your pc start filling with junks, useless and unneeded document and files. This type of file mostly finds their storage space in your Local Disk C and with time your local Disk C start filling with unneeded document and files. Many of us never notice on this thinking that it is not going to take any much space of your PC but all these files affect your PC a lot.

 All these files slow down your pc and its processing time of any task. Clearing such junk and unneeded file from your pc at a regular period of time will improve the performance of your PC and it also makes your PC run much faster than before.
Today in this post I am going to tell you some the process by which you can clean up your PC and the local disk C from these unneeded document and files. And for this process, you don’t have to download any external software to do so. But you should do this at some regular period of time.

Different Process for Cleaning Up your PC.

1. Cleaning Process.

Go to start button and press right-click on it and then select 'run' from the menu which you get after right click on Start Button.

Type 'temp' inside run and click on OK button. After clicking on the OK button your PC may ask you for some permission. Click on Continue.

Now, you will find the list of files and document which are not needed and are created by your PC for a temporary purpose.

You just have to select all and press Shift + Delete but you may face one problem that some files are not deletable so leave them as it is and delete the rest. 

You have to repeat the above process two more times but this time type '%temp%' inside run and click on OK. And again you will get more unneeded files. You just have to follow the previous steps. Select all and press Shift + Delete. 

You have to repeat this process for the last time and this time type 'prefetch' and click OK. And now you know the rest process - Select all and press Shift + Delete.


2. Cleaning Up the Recycle Bin.

Majority of people are unaware of this that whenever you delete some file by right click delete option or just by pressing the delete key from your keyboard, then all this file were not removed from your computer and keep all inside the recycle bin until up to a certain limit which is around 50GB for some PC. 

You must use Shift + Delete key remove any file from your computer completely but most of the time you forgot to do so. By default the recycle bin use C Drive to store your deleted file. So if you don’t clean your recycle bin then it will continue filling your C Drive and make your pc slow. Just go to recycle bin and delete all your files from recycle bin and do this with a regular period of time.

3. Uninstalling the unwanted software.

In this part of the post, you are going to uninstall those unwanted files and software which are installed on your PC by default or those which have no longer in use. Doing this small task also help you in clearing a lot of space of your pc.

Uninstalling Process-

Go to start menu and search for 'uninstall' and there you will get an option “add or remove program”.
Click on that option and you will be redirected to 'Apps and Features' page of your windows system setting.

Here you can see the list of software which is installed in your PC and now just uninstall those which are not useful or you don’t need anymore.

4. Disk clean up.

Go to your Start menu and search for Disk Cleanup. Just click on it and it will perform a quick scan over your Drive and show you a new window.

In that window, check each and every option and then click on Clean Up system file
After the process completion, you again get a similar window and just perform the same task once again.

These are some process which I know by which you can clean up your PC and C Drive and make your PC run much faster.  

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