How To Find out what Google knows about you.

You have probably suspected for a while that Google has been building up a picture of your personality, but now you can find out exactly what the company has on file. 

The new My Activity hub lets you view everything Google’s ad-tracking service has learned about you across all its tools, from Search to YouTube, and delete any entries you’re not happy with. More importantly, you can tap the Menu button and select Activity Controls to give or deny permission for Google to monitor your web and app activity, and create a private map of where you go. 

What’s more, if you visit Click Here, you can choose to allow or prevent personalized ads based not only on the Google services you use but also more than two million sites in the Google Display Network. 
Yes, Google is looking to expand its ad-tracking facilities but, thankfully, it’s on an opt-in rather than opt-out basis.

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