How To Reject fake friends on social media.

Connecting with strangers on Facebook and Twitter may gain you more friends and followers, but it also leaves you vulnerable to scammers and spammers. Be aware, if you’re tempted to accept a friend request from a stranger or allow someone to follow you, that around 83 million Facebook accounts are thought to be fake and many of these are used for nefarious purposes.

First, check the person’s Facebook profile (if you can) to verify they are who they say they are. Who are their friends? Where do they live? Have they shared any content aside from their profile photo? Best of all, try searching for their profile photo using an image search engine to see if the picture has been stolen from elsewhere. To do this, save the photo to your Desktop, then go to TinEye ( or Google Images ( and upload the picture to search for matches across the web. You can report a fake account to Facebook by clicking the three-dot icon on its cover photo and choosing Report. 

Fake accounts on Twitter can follow you without asking permission and may tweet links to malicious sites or pester you and your real followers with spam or porn. Many such accounts have eggs for profile pictures because they haven’t changed Twitter’s default settings, but others use photos of real people and not all egg accounts are fakes. 

There are several tools that scan your list of followers to determine which profiles aren’t genuine, but these often charge you to reveal the findings and let you block the offenders. Fortunately, a helpful chap called Clayton Lambert offers a couple of free scripts for weeding out fake Twitter followers, called Block & Remove Fake Twitter Egg Followers and Fake Twitter Follower Removal Script. Both need to be run using the Console function in Chrome – you’ll find full instructions on their respective pages. 

You can easily block and report fake accounts by clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner of their profile and choosing the appropriate option.

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