How To Unmask unwanted guests on your Wi-Fi.

Unmask unwanted guests on your Wi-Fi.

Even if your Wi-Fi network is properly encrypted and protected with an unguessable password, there’s still a chance someone could be ‘piggybacking’ on your signal.

Suppose an unscrupulous neighbor jotted down your login details while you were in the kitchen making tea and is now enjoying high-speed wireless internet at your expense.

To expose these freeloaders, install the brilliant free tool Wireless Network Watcher from Nirsoft (www.nirsoft.netpress Ctrl+F to find it on the page). This program displays a list of all devices connected to your network – including any from outside sources – and tells you their IP address, MAC address, and network adapter manufacturer. 

Usefully, you can also see the times and dates they first and last accessed your Wi-Fi, and unmask persistent piggybackers – no more tea for them!

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