Test your site with Google’s latest tool Think With Google.

Google has launched a new tool that tests how mobile-friendly your site is, and how quickly it loads. If your site falls short of Google’s standards, the service provides lots of information on how you can improve it.

Step 1
Go to testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com, type your site’s web address
into the box and press the Test Now button. The site will run its tests, which could take a couple of minutes.

Step 2
You are presented with report cards showing the average loading time of your site. Click the down arrow to get an explanation of how the ratings are calculated and find out what you failed on. If there are points you need to work on, click the Get My Free Report button to have it emailed to you.

Step 3
The email contains the same report but each negative comment is accompanied by a link. Click one to visit Google’s PageSpeed Tools website (Click Here), which provides a handy reference guide to all the problems it flags up and explains how to fix them.

Try Think With Google and post your views in the comment section below.

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