10 Best Google Chrome Browser Tools For Your PC.

There are many browsing tools which are available on a different web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows Edge and many other web browsers which are very helpful in our everyday life. In this article, I am going to discuss 10 such browsing tools of Google Chrome and use these tools to improve your browsing experience.

1. Make your New Tab page less boring. 

Most add-ons for customizing new browser tabs add pretty pictures to make them more interesting. Less Boring New Tab takes a more flexible approach by transforming your New Tab page into an online notice board. You can add as many notes and images as you like and move them anywhere. 

The add-on saves your items when you close the tab so they’re there when you open a new one. Click the eyedropper icon in the bottom-right corner to change the page’s background color, and double-click the title bar of a note or image to remove it.

2. Remind yourself to take regular breaks.

We all know that sitting for hours at a computer is bad for our eyes and posture, yet we do it anyway. Break Timer is a handy new Chrome extension that reduces the risk of eye strain and RSI by reminding you to take regular screen breaks. 

Unlike other similar tools, you can customize the frequency of these reminders, the length of the recommended break and the words that appear in them, as well as whether they appear as a small notification or a full-screen pop-up (with accompanying ‘gong’ sound). Break Timer lets you skip or postpone breaks when you’re busy, and can be activated (and deactivated) automatically between working hours and on specific days.

3. Block dangerous  sites and phishing scams CHROME

Chrome now offers built-in protection again stun safe websites, warning you when a page contains malware or may ‘phish’ your details, but this isn’t particularly sophisticated or reliable. For full peace of mind when you’re browsing the web, get protected by a proper security expert by using Emsisoft Browser Security. This new extension for Chrome and Firefox automatically blocks dangerous websites and prevents phishing attacks that try to steal your passwords. Unlike other, similar tools, it does so without tracking your online activities, by using patterns to identify threats rather than a list of dodgy sites.

Once installed, the add-on starts working instantly with no configuration necessary, although you can add sites to its exclusions list if it wrongly flags them as risky, then overrides warnings to visit them anyway. There’s also an option to report the current site as dangerous to help Emsisoft improve its accuracy.

4. Speed up web pages by loading mobile versions.

Many websites now offer mobile versions of their pages using a Google-developed technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This streamlines their content, removes unnecessary elements and significantly reduces how much data they use, so pages load quickly on your phone or tablet. AMP is only available in mobile web browsers, but a  new tool called AMP Browser Extension brings its speed and simplicity to Chrome on your desktop, too. The add-on accelerates your browsing by automatically loading AMP or MIP (Mobile Instant Pages) versions of websites when available. 

You can also switch between lightweight mobile and full-blown desktop pages by clicking its toolbar button. It won’t work on all websites, but  AMP  Browser  Extension helpfully highlights Google search results that support  AMP with its blue lightning symbol.

5. Hide distractions on your favorite sites.

The trouble with tools that aim to make you more ‘productive’ by blocking time-wasting sites is that you start resenting them and end up uninstalling them. A far better approach is to let you access said sites but hide their most distracting features, which is the idea behind UnDistracted

This Chrome extension hides elements on your favorite websites that usually divert your attention, such as the chat sidebar on  Facebook, trending topics on Twitter, recommendations on YouTube and ‘continue watching’ nudges on Netflix. You can choose which parts of each site you want to filter, or block the whole thing and be redirected to a specific URL.  All the filters can be paused when you want unrestricted access.

6. Block all ads, pop-ups and cookie warnings.

If you like to browse the web without being distracted, obstructed and tracked by adverts, then you probably have an ad blocker such as Adblock PlusGhostery or uBlock Origin installed. Still, there’s no harm in trying something new and if you find that your current tool isn’t working as well as it could –or you just fancy a change –then consider switching to SmartAdblock. This simple but powerful new extension for Chrome and Firefox automatically blocks all ads on webpages –making no allowances for paid-for ‘acceptable’ ones–and all pop-ups that get in your way. This includes those annoying GDPR-enforced warnings about cookies and privacy policies. 

Unlike other, similar tools, Smart Adblock does n’t guzzle memory on sites where it’s not needed (such as Wikipedia) and protects you against malicious scripts (such as crypto miners) on ‘hostile’ pages. There are no options to configure and it’s completely free to use– the developers admit that “our business model is total crap”!

7. Download every file from every tab.

Chrome’s built-in download manager is pretty basic and not much use for downloading multiple files at the same time. Afar superior option is Simple Mass Downloader, which not only lets you download every item from the current page in one go but every item from every page across all your open tabs (or just specific tabs). 

As you’re unlikely to want all of that, you can filter the files it finds by name or type, choose to view images only and manually select the items you want. The add-on also lets you decide which folder the files you bulk-download are saved to, and batch-rename items before downloading. Simple Mass Downloader is also available for Firefox.

8. Customize Chrome using Google ’s new themes CHROME.

Chrome’s minimalist white design looks clean and modern but, let’s be honest, it’s also a bit dull. Google clearly agrees because it has just released its first-ever set of official themes for the browser. Available from the Chrome Web Store, the 14 colorful themes let you decorate your version of Chrome in a range of attractive shades, including UltraViolet, Honeysuckle, Oceanic, Pretty in Pink and Marsala. There’s also the more somber Just Black, which will have to suffice until Chrome introduces a proper night mode in version. 

The themes change the appearance of Chrome’s toolbars, but not its menus or web pages. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply click Undo. Other theme collections include  Zodiac Animals, Space Exploration and Enchanting Places.

9. Control an extension,s  permissions.

The latest version of Chrome (71) addresses a long-standing concern about extension permissions, which allowed some add-ons to read and change your data on all the websites you visited. You can now control these permissions to limit what data an extension can access. Just right-click its toolbar button, point to ‘This can read and change site data’ and choose an option from the side menu, such as 'when' you click the extension ’or‘ On [current site]’.
More information Click Here.

10. Track how long you spend on YouTube.

It’s all too easy to disappear down a YouTube ‘rabbit hole’, visiting the site to watch one video and ending up wasting hours. YouTube  Time Tracker can help you snap out of it by letting you know exactly how much time you’ve spent on the site. A timer next to the YouTube logo shows long you’ve spent watching YouTube videos today, this week, this month and this year. It also tells you if that figure is higher or lower than during the previous time period.

If you also know the name of such Google Chrome tools for PC, post your suggestion in the comment section below.

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