8 Tips and Setting for Windows 10 You Must Know.

As we all know that the Windows operating system is the most used operating system in the world by Microsoft. The last operating system which is launch by Microsoft is Windows 10 and user love working with on it. It is very user-friendly and easy to use the operating system. But many people say that they are more comfortable with the older version of Windows. 

I personally like Windows 10 much then the older version's of Windows because of its user interface and other features which are missing in the older one.

There are so many features available in Windows 10 which are not known by many of us like Dark theme, Game Mode, Storage sense, Night Light, Print to Pdf, Virtual Desktop, Emoji's, and many more are there. I am going to tell you about 10 such features that you must know. 

List of Windows 10 settings.
1. Dark Theme.
2. Game Mode.
3. Storage Sense.
4. Night Light.
5. Print to pdf.
6. Virtual desktop.
7. Emoji in windows 10.
8. God mode

1. Dark Theme.

If you want to give stylish look to your pc, then there are several options that are available on Windows 10 to do so and one its feature is a dark theme. Here I am going to tell you how you can set the dark theme on your windows 10 pc.

Steps to do so-

Head first to start and select the setting.

Under setting select personalization.

Under personalization move to several options on the left side and select color
Here you get several options that you can allow your windows to automatically pick an accent color from your background or you can select one of your own.

Now move to the option “choose your default app mode”. Here you will find that by default it is set to 'light' here you have to click on 'dark' option and done.

I prefer the dark theme more than the light one because the dark theme is better on our eye than the light theme.

2. Game Mode

Game mode is also one the important option available on Windows 10. If you are a pc gamer running a lower spec system then the game mode will help you out. It allows more system resources to be allocated to your game which prevents background process from disrupting your experiences. You could use the game bar while you are in the game to turn the feature on but there is an easier way. 

Steps to do so-

Go to Start Menu and open setting.

Selecting Gaming and from the left pane select game mode and turn it on.
This features also work with the non-windows game too.

3. Storage Sense.

Over time passes our pc start filling with unwanted and needless junks with knowing about it. But the latest creators updates added a storage sense which will automatically clear out temporary and unwanted files from your recycle bin which is more than 30 days old.

Steps to do so-

Select the setting and inside setting select System.

In the left pane select storage and then enable the storage sense feature.

Select “Change how we free up space” and turn them on. 
We hope that they will add more option to it in the future.

4. Night Light

The night light is also one of my favorite features and is a lot like flux which is a program that removes blue light and they claim that it helps you in sleep better.

Steps to do so-

Open Setting and under Setting select 'System'.

Under color select night light to turn it on or off according to your need.

One the important point to note that if you're running multiple monitors then this setting turns on or off on all monitors.
If you select nightlight setting then there are several other options to customize the experience. You can adjust the color temperature you can also set night light to operate only during sunlight to sunset hours or you can set your own hours.  

5. Print to pdf.

Now you can finally save a document as a pdf without using any third-party software. Microsoft option print to pdf helps you to do so no matter which type of document you want to convert. It works with every type of document which I had tried till now.

Steps to do so-

Open your 'Chrome' browser and click on three dots in the right upper corner.

From the drop-down menu click on 'print' and then select 'change' from the options shown on the left side of your PC. Click on Microsoft 'print to pdf' and then select print and at last, choose the place where you want to save it.

6. Virtual desktop

The virtual desktop is a new feature which is available for Windows users now but this feature is available on Mac quite a while. The virtual desktop allows you to have a various virtualized version of your PC's desktop.

Steps to do so-

Select 'task view' from below taskbar of your PC.

Select the + sign to add a new desktop.

7. Emoji in windows 10.

If you are working smartphone then using emoji’s is very simple and easy but when you are working on your pc then don’t know how to use emoji in the text. Many people so that there is no option to use emoji’s on pc but it is not true. You can enjoy emoji’s on your pc too.

Steps to do so-

Make a right-click on the taskbar and click on 'show touch keyboard button' and enable it.
You get virtual keyboard added to your taskbar open that keyboard on your pc and there you will get all the emoji’s that you use by your smartphone.

8. God mode

If you want an ultimate setting control panel then you definitely going like god mode. It is originally it is introduced in windows vista and it is very much easy to setup.

Steps to do so-

Create a new folder on your desktop and name that folder that is provided below this line-
File Name : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
You can change the text God mode to anything you want.

And after giving the file name, press Enter and you will get a new icon.
Just double click on it and enjoy this new God mode. You can also play with several other setting presents there.

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