Best New Google Chrome Extensions You Must Try.

There are many browsing tools which are available on the Google Chrome browser. In this article, I am going to discuss 10 such browsing tools of Google Chrome and how to use these tools to improve your browsing experience.

1. Save money when shopping online.

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These days, most people don’t bother to visit price-comparison sites, which means they miss out on great deals at online stores other than Amazon. To bag a bargain every time, install Microsoft’s new Chrome extension Personal Shopping Assistant.

This automatically stores details of products you view online and lets you save specific items as ‘favorites’ to receive alerts when their price drops. You can compare similar products side by side, and click ‘Search for other places to buy’ to see if an item is available for less elsewhere. There’s also an option to ‘pin’ the add-on as a sidebar rather than viewing the info in a pop-up panel.

Personal Shopping Assistant is a Microsoft Garage project, which means it’s still in development, and it currently works with more US stores than UK ones. But if you’re an avid online shopper, it’s a useful and unobtrusive tool.

2. Stop pages jumping when they load.

Sometimes, when you open a site in your browser and start reading the text, the page jumps around while off-screen elements such as photos and adverts are loaded. This makes it impossible to keep your place and is extremely annoying, so we’re delighted that Chrome 51 finally fixes the problem.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent the jumps automatically – perhaps some people like wasting time waiting for pages to settle – and you need to activate a tucked-away option called Scroll Anchoring. 

To turn it on, type chrome:flags into your address bar, press Enter and find the entry for Scroll Anchoring – you can use Ctrl+F to find it quickly.

Choose Enabled from the drop-down menu and relaunch Chrome. 
You should now find that your reading is no longer interrupted by off-screen elements loading. This tweak works in both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome.

3. Save any web content to Facebook.

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If Facebook is the first and last the site you visit every time you go online, you’ll like the social network’s new ‘Save to Facebook’ extension, which lets you save any the interesting web content you come across.

Just click the toolbar button when viewing an article, video, product, recipe or other pages to bookmark it for later. The content is stored at www.facebook .com/saved and can only be accessed by you unless you choose to share it with your friends. Alternatively, you can click the extension’s button to open the last few items you’ve bookmarked.

On the downside, ‘Save to Facebook’ is pretty basic compared to other web-clipping tools such as Pocket and Evernote, and it effectively tells the social network even more about where you go and what you like online, presumably so it can target you with relevant ads.

4. Cast from Chrome without an extension.

Previously, if you wanted to ‘cast’ a browser tab to your Chromecast so you could view its content on your TV, you needed to install the Google Cast extension. But now, as of Chrome 51, you can cast tabs directly from the browser without the need for an add-on – either click the main menu button or right-click the page and choose Cast.

If you can’t see the Cast option, type chrome:flags into your address bar, press Enter and find the entry Media Router. Select Enabled, restart the browser and you should now be able to cast.

5. Block only the most annoying online ads.

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Most ad blockers work by using constantly updated filter lists to refuse all communication from advertising networks and servers. This means that inoffensive ads get filtered alongside annoying ones – unless the advertiser pays the blocker to be whitelisted – and many websites are deprived of essential revenue.

Fair AdBlock  is a new type of blocker that lets you decide the types of advert you block and allow, from options including search ads, sponsored links, and webmail ads.

Best of all, you can help websites and good causes stay afloat by choosing to allow ads on certain sites from the charities of your choice.

To do so, you need to install a separate add-on called Fair Ads, but neither tool uses much memory and you can limit the maximum number of ads on a page. It’s an admirably altruistic approach to a controversial issue.

6. Make Facebook smarter and faster.

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Facebook might be the third most popular website in the world, but it’s also cluttered, confusing and – dare we say it – rather dated in appearance.

You can give the social network a much-needed makeover by installing the updated add-on Flatbook, which was previously called Facebook Flat. This applies a flatter, a cleaner theme to the site that strips away surplus elements such as adverts and ‘suggestions’, replace text links with tidy icons and displays profile photos in circles rather than squares.

Not only do these changes make Facebook look smarter and load faster, but they also speed up navigation by providing instant access to your favorite features. Useful additions include an option to see which friends you interact with most often, and news feeds spanning categories such as Technology, Entertainment, and Sport (sadly, these are rather US-biased).

They say a change is as good as a holiday, so if you can’t afford to go away this year, try Flatbook for a few days.

7. Count the days until important dates.

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Want to know how many days it is until Christmas?
No, nor do we, but there are times when it’s useful to know how much time remains before an important date – for example, a wedding or knee operation.

Calendar and Countdown is a handy Chrome extension for managing your life over the next few weeks, months or even years. Click its toolbar button to view a full annual calendar in a pop-up window, then click a significant date to open a set of options.

You can now assign a color to the date and attach a note to explain its importance. Choose Primary and an icon will appear on your toolbar counting down the days until that date so you don’t forget it.

What’s more, if you hover over another date on the calendar, the add-on will tell you the number of days between them. You can add as many dates as you like and color-code them accordingly. It certainly makes you realize how quickly time flies!

8. Play Tetris in your browser.

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In this post, we featured a brilliant Chrome version of the Eighties Nintendo game Duck Hunt. If you enjoyed playing that, why not follow it up with the browser-based version of the Game Boy classic, Tetris.

Use the cursor keys to arrange the falling blocks into continuous lines. You can choose the difficulty level, although, sadly, the game doesn’t retain the original music.

9. Download web images to different folders.

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Although it’s easy to change your default Downloads folder in Chrome – just go to Settings and click the Change the button next to ‘Download location’ – there are times when you’ll want to save files elsewhere. Help is at hand from a new extension called Save Image Router, which lets you expand Chrome’s right-click menu with multiple download locations.

True, there are some restrictions – the locations must be subfolders within the main Downloads folder and you can only save images – but it’s still a very useful tool.

To set the available subfolders to save to, click the toolbar button, select Options and add them to the list. They’ll now appear when you right-click a picture and choose ‘Save Image to-set file destination. You can delete, rename and rearrange the new locations on the Options page.

10. Disable Chrome extensions more easily.

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If you have too many extensions running, Chrome can become slow and prone to crash. Right-clicking them on the toolbar only lets you hide them or remove them altogether, but if you would rather just disable add-ons temporarily, you should get Extensity, which makes the process much quicker and easier.

At the click of a button, it displays a drop-down list of all the Chrome extensions and apps you have installed. You can then turn them on and off individually, simply by clicking them or flick a switch to disable or enable them all in one go.
It’s an essential tool for extension addicts.

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