How To Stop Chrome tabs crashing your PC.

It’s easy to get tab-happy while using Google or any other site that offers lots of links, opening hordes of tabs so you can flick through them at your leisure. The problem with loading lots of tabs at once is that they can slow your PC to a crawl or even crash it completely.

Tabs Limiter with Queue solves this problem by storing your tabs in a queue and opening only as many as your PC can handle.

Step 1
When you install the add-on, a new button is added to the toolbar. If you don’t have many tabs open, a green zero appears over the button. If you open more than 10 tabs, however, any new tabs are placed in a queue; the green zero then turns into red number telling you how many there are.

Step 2
If you have tabs in your queue and you close an open tab, a new tab opens in the background on the right showing the next queued page. The button indicates that there’s one less tab in the queue, but the number of open tabs won’t go down until your queue hits zero again.

Step 3
Click the button to see a list of the links in your queue. You can click and drag the menu button to reorder them or click the cross (which appears when you hover over a link) to remove it. Click the padlock to lock a link – it won’t open or disappear from the queue until you unlock it.

Step 4
When you close Chrome, any items in your queue (but not open tabs) are saved until next time. Click the ‘O’ to open these saved tabs in a separate Window, the ‘V’ to send them to the current queue or the ‘X’ to remove them. You can also switch off the add-on or reactivate it from here.

Step 5
Right-click the button and choose Options to open its settings. Here, you can tweak the number of tabs that can open before the queue starts, and choose how to order the queue and what to do with queues when you restart your browser. Scroll down and click Save to confirm your choices.

Step 6
Pinned tabs and special Chrome pages such as chrome://settings aren’t counted as normal tabs, so you can have as many of these open as you like. If you have a lot of pinned tabs, it’s worth lowering the add-on’s open tab limit (see Step 5) to avoid overloading the browser.

These are the following steps which you can perform with Tabs Limiter with Queue.

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