How To Turn your tablet into a second screen with Splashtop Wired XDisplay

Most of us like to multi-task when we work on our computer, and transforming your tablet into a second screen can make this a lot easier. You can keep your main screen focused on your work, while the second screen is used to display your email, Facebook account, news headlines or whatever else you want to keep half an eye on.

How To use your tablet or phone screen as a second display for your PC.

Step 1 
Install the XDisplay app on your tablet and accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). You’ll need to enable USB debugging on your device (the app will take you there automatically). Tap the box to turn on debugging. If this option is greyed out, make sure the switch at the top is set to On.

Step 2 
Hit the Back button to return to XDisplay. Install the XDisplay Agent for PC (or Mac), and restart your computer if prompted to do so. You can adjust the framerate and quality using the drop-down boxes. It’s unlikely, but if you need to install a USB driver for Android, simply follow the instructions on the page.

Step 3 
Your tablet should now work as a second screen. You can move your mouse over to it, and drag content between your monitor and tablet display. Clicking the Set Resolution button will open Windows’ display configuration screen, where you can adjust the resolution and display behavior.

 This is very useful for those who want to do multitasking with your PC and you can also control your PC with the connected device.

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