Best Free Photos Cleaning Apps For Android.

android app for photo cleaning

Photos are one of the biggest space-stealers on any smartphone, with duplicate images and blurry snapshots taking up vital storage. Here, I am listing six best photo cleaner app for android.

The List of Best App for Photos Cleaning.

AVG Cleaner, from security specialist AVG Technologies is more than just a photo-management app; it delivers a full clean-up operation that scans your phone for every finicky file taking up too much space.

free photos cleaning app

When you first run the app, it quickly analyses your gallery and searches for ‘unwanted photos’. Once that’s done, press the pulsing Show Results button to delete unnecessary images, boost memory-sapping apps and remove all those games you never bother to play. The quick-access boxes on the home screen trigger specific cleaning actions, including photo clean-up–so you can just jump in and take a look at where you can save even more space.

Navigation is child’s play, marred only by large banner ads between each section that are too easily tapped by mistake: scroll down to see screenshots, duplicates and bad, old or optimizable images, all of which can be reviewed and cleaned with a tap. One of AVG Cleaner’s quirkier features is ‘Photos for Review’, which pulls together pictures that it deems below par. You can decide whether you want to keep them or not by swiping left or right. The built-in Smart Photo Cleaner then learns from your choices, promising better recommendations in the future.

Unless you’re tapping the screen with your eyes closed, it’s nigh-on impossible to accidentally delete a precious photo. The app repeatedly prompts you to connect your Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive accounts, and stores original photos there before commencing space-saving compressions or deletions.

Three taps are all it takes for Nox Cleaner to detox your smartphone: select, execute, confirm. Repeat this until you’ve whittled down all those unnecessary images and videos cluttering up your device.

nox cleaner

Like AVG Cleaner, this is a full optimization app but the Image Manager, concealed in the Common Features section, is particularly effective. After running a scan, it lets you explore five types of images: similar, screenshots, videos and blurred images can all be deleted; while large images can be compressed to save space.  

However, the app’s not quite as clever when it comes to spotting similarities. We found that some images declared ‘similar’ was entirely different from supposed matches, and sometimes had no counterpart at all.

We particularly liked the ‘Specified clean’ tool. Select a messenger app (WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat are supported) to manage and clean the app’s data. This includes photos and videos, helpfully separated into sent and received files.

This clever app scans all your photos and spots duplicate and related and images. Depending on the number of saved photos, the initial scan may take a few minutes, but once complete, you can swipe between two lists: Exact and Similar.

remo duplicate photo remover

Results are grouped into manageable Sets. Using the tick boxes, it’s easy to earmark photos for deletion and control what remains. Alternatively, tap a photo to enlarge it, view metadata or trash it.

Remo also offers a safety net, so you don’t accidentally remove the wrong photo. Select your favorite snaps and press the Eye icon to exclude them from any future scans.

In Settings, you can tweak the Matching Level–100%being an exact match. We found the default setting of 50% was impressively accurate at catching most similar-looking snapshots.

Remo does one thing incredibly well, and its results are bang-on and easy to use. However, additional, photo-focused features would make it a more attractive tool.

duplicate photo remover

Duplicate Photo Fixer is ideal for quick clean-ups but it’s limited when compared to rival apps. Start by selecting a specific folder, tick only camera images or – our preferred method –perform a full scan. This won’t take too long and it comprehensively found images that even our top-performing apps missed. In the Settings menu, you can determine whether to search for exact or similar pictures but, frustratingly, not both.

easy cleaning ccamera roll

Simplicity, so they say, is the ultimate sophistication. Which would make iSweep the most elegant app on our list. It doesn’t even scan your images for duplicates; all it does is let you clean out your entire camera roll by swiping right (to keep) or left (to trash). Elsewhere, you can view images ordered by month, which offers a level of control over the images you see and swipe.

We’re usually fans of Google products, but this photo clean-up experience feels half-hearted. Mind you, its simplicity makes it a pleasure to use. Choose to free up space and the app scans your phone for duplicated images already backed up in the cloud, or those in messenger apps. It’s also handy for moving images from phone storage to SD card, but otherwise, it’s in no way a comprehensive clean-up tool.

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