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best video downloader

Some of the best-known video downloading tools come bundled with unwanted extras that are tricky to avoid. In this post, we are going to find the best free tools for downloading videos and we also try to find out whether it is worth switching to a cleaner alternative.

List of Video Downloader Software.

You can download 4K Video Downloader in portable or installable versions, both of which are free of unwanted extras and get a clean sweep of approval from all the scans performed by VirusTotal ( 

4k video downloader

When you first open the program, you’re directed to a web page showing a useful video guide to how it works, but you probably won’t need it because it’s very simple to use. To download a video, copy its address from your browser in the usual way–by highlighting it in the address bar and clicking Ctrl+C. The green Paste Link button on the software’s toolbar is overlaidwithalittleYouTube icon to show it’s detected that the clipboard contains a link it can work with. 

Click the button to get a thumbnail, some information on the clip and a range of options for downloading the video. These include choices such as whether you want to download the video or extract the audio, which video format you’d like the file converted to (MP4, MKV or 3GP), the resolution you require and whether you want to download any subtitles if they’re available. You can also choose where the file will be saved. 

Once you’ve clicked OK, you'll see a simple download-management the screen where you can pause, stop or otherwise manage your videos. 4K Video Downloader has a Smart Mode, which is essentially a set of defaults that tells the software your preferred format and quality for downloading videos, so you don’t have to select them each time. There’s also a useful subscription option that automatically downloads new videos as soon as your favorite channels upload them.

All Video Downloader starts with a splash screen with options to search a small selection of video services or go to the main part of the software to paste in a web address and start a download. The search tool lets you enter keywords to find on YouTube and a small handful of other sites, though be warned that there are as many under the ‘adult’ heading as there are in the mainstream group. 

kastorsoft all video downloader

Thankfully, only YouTube is selected by default so you shouldn’t inadvertently stumble across anything mucky! 

If you know what you’re looking for, this method could be faster than going into YouTube, browsing for the content and importing the URL information, and you can preview the video in the program or bring up a separate player. 

The program also gets a completely clean bill of health from Virus Total.

youtube video downloader

There’s no reason for a video downloader to be complicated and, thankfully, Free YouTube Download is extremely simple, with a clear interface m that’s essentially focused on a large green Paste button. Copy a link from YouTube and click this button, and a strip showing a thumbnail of the video and some suggested settings appear below. It’s even simpler to use than our Gold Award-winner.

You can set up a series of downloads and either have them all set off together or tick a box to merge them into a single video file. The program didn’t trigger any alerts from Virus Total and doesn’t come bundled with any additional software that you might not want.

Youtube-DLG isn’t a video downloader in its own right, but a graphical user interface that’s been developed to lie on top of the open-source command-line video downloading software, Youtube-DL. Unfortunately, it failed the virus total test, with a single flag. This may have been a false positive but we didn’t want to take the risk, which is a shame because the software itself could have been a contender for an award.

Although it’s clear of security problems, TubeGet’s a free version limits you to five downloads per day, which is too restrictive for our liking. Upgrading gets you around the limit but costs $29.95 (around £22) fora single PC. It’s a shame because this is the best-looking of all the programs we tested.

We used to love Freemake before it started bundling the particularly unpleasant Open Candy software. Even then, we thought fora while that this simple, useful video downloader was worth the annoyance of circumnavigating the PUP. However, you can now find plenty of rivals that are just as good and don’t bundle annoying software, so we’ve sadly had to put Freemakeout to pasture.

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