Best Movies to watch on Netflix in October.

As a lot of movie and series release every month on Netflix and watching all of them is not possible so we watch for you and make a list of best Netflix movie of series which you can enjoy in your free time.  

Watch David Tennant in Netflix’s Criminal

From September 20

Police interviews have become a hallmark of quality TV drama, with Line of Duty and Mind hunter devoting hours to intense interrogations. Now Netflix’s ambitious 12-parter Criminal ups the ante by taking place entirely in the interview room.

The series spans four countries and 12 stories, with each episode focusing on the interrogation of a different suspect. Netflix has kept details under wraps, but its official teaser ( crimteaser484) suggests two suspects are played by David Tennant (good in Broad church; evil in Good Omens) and Hayley Atwell (best known as super-’tec Agent Carter). A second trailer offers a glimpse of Rochenda Sandall (Lisa McQueen from Line of Duty) as she murmurs “guilty”:

The three UK-based episodes also feature Katherine Kelly (Happy Valley), Lee Ingleby (also Line of Duty), and Shubham Saraf (Bodyguard). The remaining stories take place in France, Germany, and Spain. All 12 episodes arrive on Netflix on 20 September.

Take a peek Inside Bill’s Brain. 

From 20 September

Microsoft multi-billionaire William Gates III, better known as Bill, is the latest subject for Oscar-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth). The official trailer ( feels a lot more sympathetic than the usual documentary style we’ve come to expect from Netflix. Guggenheim and Gates enjoy numerous chats about the bespectacled brainiac’s career, philanthropy, fears – and his favorite animal (dog). Watch all three parts on Netflix from 20 September.

Watch Ryan Murphy’s two new blockbusters.

From 19/27 September 

Ryan Murphy shows are everywhere. He’s the brains behind American Crime Story (OJ Simpson and Gianni Versace seasons on Netflix); Pose (iPlayer); 9-1-1 (Now TV) and Glee (Amazon Prime Video) – and he just can’t stop them coming.

A ninth season of Murphy’s wicked FX satire American Horror Story comes to Now TV on 19 September with a new story, subtitled 1984. The trailer promises a Friday the 13th-style slasherama, with big-haired teens heading into the woods to their doom.

Then, on 27 September, comes The Politician, Murphy's witty new Netflix show starring Ben Platt as a student determined to become US President. Grow-up co-stars include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange. Watch the official trailer on Netflix.

Return to Dreamland in Matt Groening’s Disenchantment.

From 20 September

More than a year since Netflix launched the first 10 episodes of this fantasy animation from Matt Groening (The Simpsons), new episodes are finally upon us.

The irreverent medieval tale follows Bean, a rebellious princess who runs away for adventures in Dreamland with half-elf Elfo and demon Luci. Groening promises "cranked-up suspense, thrilling plot twists and beloved characters getting knocked off" in Part 2, whose 10 half-hour episodes arrive on Netflix.

Escape Netflix’s mysterious I-Land

From 12 September 

Lost meets The Hunger Games in Netflix’s seven-part sci-fi yarn. Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) heads an ensemble cast of 10 strangers who wake up on a desert island – sorry, I-Land – with no memory of who they are or how they got there. Wait for it: “this world is not as it seems” (but of course!), and the 10 faces an extreme battle for survival.

I-Land may not be original but it sounds unmissable especially once you hear it's written by award-winning playwright Neil LaBute.

Watch Netflix’s new true-crime drama Unbelievable

From 13 September

Netflix is back in ‘inspired by a true crime’ territory with this dark eight-part drama. Toni Collette and Merritt Wever play detectives trying to discover the truth about a horrifying rape after The 18-year-old victim is accused of lying. Watch the official trailer.

10 Best Netflix Movie To Watch In 2019.

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