Best Privacy Browser To Keep You Anonymous Online.

Keeping yourself anonymous on the web is very difficult nowadays. As the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo store so much of your personal information and even your geographical location to show you the results. In this post, we are going to discuss five browsers which offer the most secure and hassle-free route to browsing the web in private.

List of Anonymous Web Browsers.

Key Features of Brave Browser.
  • Brave defense is mainly concerned with advertising.
  • It blocks the third party ads and cookies.
brave anonymous browser

Brave immediately looks and feels familiar because  it’s built using chromium, the same Google-developed an open-source browser framework that powers Chrome. Brave’s icons have a different design, but if you click the menu button, for example, you can’t help but notice how the core structure of Chrome has barely changed.

This essentially makes brave feel like the chrome browser you’re already comfortably familiar with, except that it comes preinstalled with a strong collection of enhancements to counter the internet’s privacy-invading tactics.

Brave’s defenses are mainly concerned with advertising. The browser does a competent job of blocking ‘third party’ ads and cookies, where information about your activities on one site can be tracked through to another –but doesn’t disable ‘useful’ cookies, such as shopping baskets and preference settings. You can easily adapt the level of protection from a panel within the browser’s standard settings page.

As well as avoiding some of the trackings that go on while you traverse the web, this has the added benefit of speeding things up. There’s no question that skipping the adverts make pages download more quickly –there are simply fewer data to process.

However, this alone wouldn’t be enough, largely because the Tor Browser can do so much more for your privacy than block ads. Brave acknowledged this itself last summer and added a new ‘private window with Tor’ option, which is accessible from the main menu. This means that when you want to browse in the utmost privacy, where even your ISP can’t track you, Brave offers it at the flick of a switch.

If you take your private browsing extremely seriously, head straight for the Tor Browser.

Key Features of Tor Browser.
  • Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance.
  • Hides you from tracking even from your ISP. 

tor browser

This robustly private browser isn't just about ad-blocking (though it does that, too)–its aim is to totally maintain your privacy from the moment you launch it.

Tor hides your tracks from even your ISP, by encrypting site requests at source and bouncing encrypted data through anonymous, voluntarily run servers. Think of it as a VPN that’s open-source and run like a peer-to-peer network, rather than by an individual company.

Tor browser is based on Firefox but has the Tor technology built-in, so you can perform private browsing sessions without having to install Tor separately or use it across everything you do on the internet.

Key Features of Epic Privacy Browser.
  • Ads are blocked by default but not good as Brave and Tor.
  • It has a built-in proxy service with nine proxy locations available.

epic privacy browser

There’s something ironic about a privacy browser that encourages you to enter your email address in order to stay updated on its development, but that’s what you see if you download Epic Privacy Browser from its own website. Once it’s installed, however, the privacy starts in earnest.

Ads are blocked by default, though we found a few sites that snuck them under Epic’s radar but were successfully spotted by Brave and Tor.

Epic has its own proxy servers built-in, so you can make it look as if you’re visiting a website from another country, should you wish to circumvent regional restrictions. There are nine proxy locations available, including two in the US.

This is a version of Firefox that has had some of the basic privacy leaking elements switched off and a selection of add-ons included.

Although it saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, there’s nothing here that you couldn’t recreate with your own choice of privacy add-ons, if you already have a few favorites.

indridium browser

Iridium is a stripped-down a version of Chrome that has all the unpleasant privacy-exposing bits of the basic browser removed.

That’s only half the story, though. It doesn’t make any efforts to block ads or hide your tracks, though you could do this with the usual privacy add-ons.

If you want to create your own private browser with your preferred add-ons, Iridium is a good starting point. However, it isn’t the all-in-one solution that our award winners offer.

Incognito or Private Browsing modes

If you only want the local record of your browsing session deleted. However, while you could use it to hide your browsing habits from your family, it won't escape the all-seeing eyes of advertisers, your boss (if you’re online at work) or your ISP.

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