Facebook is going to hide Like counts from the posts.

no more like counts on facebook posts

In the event that their facebook post has heaps of Likes, you feel jealous. On the off chance that your post doesn't get enough Likes, you feel humiliated. Furthermore, when you simply pursue Likes, you twist your life looking for minutes that score them or blue pencil it dreading you won't look famous without them.
That is the reason Facebook is authoritatively beginning to hide Like counts on posts, first in Australia beginning on September 27th. A post's creator can still count their likes, but now others cannot see the like count or how many people have given a thumbs-up or other reaction on the post.
After the launch of hiding like counts of Facebook, they are planning the same for Instagram also. The test will keep running in parallel to Instagram's own shrouded Like check test we additionally scooped that initially tried in Canada in April before growing to six additional nations in July.
source of the image -Techchurch
“We are running a limited test where like, reaction and video view counts are made private across Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson tells Techchurch. “We will gather feedback to understand whether this change will improve people’s experiences.” On the off chance that the test improves individuals' feeling of prosperity without falling user engagement, it could grow to more nations or even take off to everybody, except no further tests are at present scheduled.

Facebook's objective here is to make individuals happy with conveying everything that needs to be conveyed. It needs users to concentrate on the nature of what they offer and how it interfaces them with individuals they care about, not simply the number of individuals who hit the thumbs-up.

As you can see, the Like button itself remains visible to everyone. Comment counts will still be displayed, as will the most common types of reactions left on a post plus the faces and names of some people who Liked it.

As you can see, the Like catch itself stays noticeable to everybody. Comment counts will in any the case be shown, as will the most widely recognized sorts of responses left on a post in addition to the appearances and names of certain individuals who Liked it.

If Facebook really want their user to use their platform for another 15 years then they must have to give their user more importance all above the brands, above advertisement dollars. It likewise needs better controls for notices and alerts when you've been latently looking for a really long time.

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