Find out which programs are draining your battery in Windows 10.

Sometime we notice that our laptop battery start draining much faster than normal days. This may happen for several different programs running behind. If you want to know which programs are placing the biggest strain on your laptop’s battery.

Following steps to check which programs are draining your laptop battery.

Step 01: Click the Start button, select Settings (cog icon), then choose the system and select Battery from the list on the left.

Step 02: Next, Click the ‘See which apps are affecting your battery life’ link located just under the battery level at the top.

You’ll now see a list of all programs and their battery usage over the past 24 hours (to change the timescale, click the Time period box at the top).

Step 03: You can click any program to reveal how much battery power it’s used in the background. Some programs continue to place a drain on battery even when you’re not actively using them, such as to send you notifications.

find program which is draining battery

Step 04: Google Chrome used 6 percent of our battery when running in the background. To restrict this, and get longer battery life, untick the ‘Let Windows decide when this app can run in the background’ option and leave a tick on ‘Reduce the work the app can do’.

Bear in mind, however, that programs you restrict in this fashion may not be able to function properly when you’re not actively using them.

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