How To Close Windows Laptop Lid Without going to Sleep Mode.

Closing the lid of your Windows laptop will send it into Sleep mode. If you are using you laptop as a second screen than don’t want to use it for that time then also you have to leave your laptop open and running to avoid your laptop going to sleep mode.

After exploring some Windows 10 settings, I found a setting in the Control Panel that let you close the lid without sending the laptop to sleep.

You have to adjust your power settings to close the laptop lid and still keep it on.

Step 01: Right-click the battery icon in the System Tray and select Power Option.

Step 02: Inside Power Option- on the left, ‘Choose what closing the lid does’ and you will find Power and sleep buttons and lid settings.

Step 03: Under, When I close the lid:, set it to ‘Do nothing’ from the drop-down menu and click on Save.

Now you can close your Windows laptop lid without moving your laptop to sleep. 

Note: But one-thing to remember that from now, you have to use commands on the Start Menu to put your laptop to sleep or shut, once you’ve made this change.   


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