How To Fix Poor Memory-card Connection With Computer.

Sometimes memory card get disconnected than again get reconnected automatically and this thing happens several time during the memory-card connection. You can try rebooting your PC to solve the problem.

  • Sometimes, there are several other reasons behind this problem which cannot be solved just by rebooting the PC.  

It could be a poor connection between the card and the computer, so remove it, clean it with a soft cloth and replace it. 

Another possibility is that Windows may be disabling the USB drive to save power. When the problem occurs, click the battery icon in the taskbar and drag the slider all the way to the right for maximum power. See if that cures it. If it doesn’t, try tweaking the power settings.

Open the Control Panel and click Power Options, ‘Change plan settings’, ‘Change advanced power settings’. Expand ‘Hard disk’, ‘USB settings’ and PCI Express, then disable the power-saving options. Choose maximum performance and power.

You may need to update the drivers in case the problem is being caused by a bug that’s been fixed. Download and run Driver Booster Free, but don’t update everything – just look for anything to do with storage and drives. Always make sure you have a backup before updating drivers because it’s best to be safe.

You can try all these solutions to solve the memory-card connection problem in PC.

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