How To Hide Folders Names on iPhone and iPad.

hide folder name in iphone

I love using folders on my iPhone, placing all my TV apps together or tidying away my social-media apps, but the folder names make the screen feel very busy.

One solution for this problem is that you can create folders in the dock that don’t have names, but for all others, the method is not the same.

Hide Folder Names on iPhone and iPad.

Step 01: First, open a black text message or email and type [ ] (note the space between the brackets).

Step02: Next, press and hold the space between the brackets and select to copy it.

Step 03: Now, go back to your folders on the Home screen and press and hold one until they start to shake –usually. You do this to move icons around the screen.

Step 04: Open the folder you want to rename, use the X to clear its current name and double-tap in the space.

Step 05: Select Paste when the option appears and the iPhone will add the space you copied earlier into the field.

Step 06: Tap Done and you now have a folder with no name. 

This method can work on the iPad. You just have to follow the same steps discussed above in this post.  

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