How To Reformat a corrupt hard drive without losing your important data.

hard drive recovery

Whenever a hard drive gets corrupted, the only solution we know that reformatting the entire hard drive. You can’t even move your data from a corrupted hard drive.

Reformatting a corrupted hard drive usually means wiping everything, but I recently found a way to avoid losing my data.

Following Steps to do so-

Step 1: First, reformat as normal, open File Explorer, This PC.

Step 2: Under Devices and Drives section, right-click the hard drive and choose Format.

hard drive formatting

Step 3: In the next box, leave all the options as they are but tick the Quick Format box, then Click start.

Step 4: Next you need to run recovery software, I suggest you choose Recuva because it has a free version. The recovery software recovers all your data which you lost while formatting the corrupted hard drive.

Note : But the most important thing you should remember that it only works if you ticked that Quick Format box earlier.  

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