How To Set Working Hours And Availability in Google Calendar.

google working hours setting

Google has recently updated the Work Hours feature of Google Calendar to make it easier for the user to manage their working hours. Work Hours feature is present in Google calendar from a long time but its recent update makes it more useful.

What are Working Hours in Google Calendar?

Working Hours is a very useful feature that allows the user to decide the time when they are available for meetings and other events. If anyone tries to set an appointment with you they can go through working hours so they can decide the perfect time for meeting. Google Calendar help others know about your availability based on your earlier meetings and appointments.

How To Set Working Hours and Availability.

To set your working hours and availability, your account must be through your work or school organization. You can check this option by your going through your Calendar settings > contact your administrator.

Here, Administrator is a person who use to manages Google services and devices for a Company.  

Following Steps to set working hours and availability.

Note- You cannot perform all these setting by your Calendar App which is available on your phone, you must have a computer to do all these settings.

Step 1: Open your browser and Search for Google Calendar in your browser.

Step 2: Click on Settings option in the top right corner.

google calendar setting

Step 3: Under Settings, you will get General on the left side, click on Working Hours.

Step 4: Inside the Working hours sections, click on Enable working hours option.

Step 5: Now you just have to set the Days and time on which you are working and times you are available for free.

The Calendar show you the time based on your time zone and your working patterns which you can change or edit by your own choice.

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