How To Watch Videos As a Group on Facebook.

We’ve grown used to watching, sharing and commenting on videos on Facebook, but despite the interaction, it’s largely a solo experience. Facebook is hoping to change that with Watch Party, a feature that allows members of groups on the social network to view videos together at the same time.

Watch Party works by getting one or more hosts to start and control a stream of live or recorded videos, inviting others to watch and comment.

Facebook says it could be useful for Q&As about  hobbies, tutorials, and group-based activities such as exercising. And even though it can’t be used outside of groups or Pages right now, Facebook believes it will eventually bring friends and family together for shared experiences.

Note- But to use the feature you must own one group.

Following Steps To Use Watch Party Option of Facebook.

Step 1: If you run a group, you’ll now see the Watch Party option in the status update box.

Step 2: Select it, click Add Video and find content that you want to ‘Add to Queue’.

Step 3: Once you’re ready, Click Done, write a status and invite people to join.

The profile pictures of those watching will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: When the stream has finished, the videos watched during the Party will be saved in a post, with the comments and reactions stripped away.

So by following this steps, you can watch videos live with all your group members and enjoy the party.

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