Apple is Adding Siri recording feature rolling out with iOS 13.2 beta.

apple added siri recording feature

Apple is planning to bring Siri recording feature which is going to roll out from the upcoming iOS 13.2 update. This Siri recording option for allowing the user to choose wether they like to give their audio recordings to Apple so it can be use to improve Siri.  

Apple decide to bring this feature after a scandal over Siri recordings prior this year when Apple was discovered utilizing outsiders to listen and grade recordings of Siri conversations. Apple didn’t clarify that it had any real man listening in?

At the time of the Siri audio recording scandal, Apple gave an apology and suspended the program. Apple also changed Siri’s policies and after that Siri is not allowed keep recording any user by default. A new feature is going to start by which the user can give their audio recording to Apple to help improve Siri. The feature is going to roll out with the latest iOS 13.2 beta.

Apple is also including two more feature, “Delete Siri and Dictation History”, these features are for helping the user to delete past Siri requests.

Because iOS 13.2 is still in beta version, it is more possible that these features might be delayed for public release. But the delay will be not too big.

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