Best Google Chrome Alternatives: Use A More Private Version of Chrome.

With a 71% share of the browser market, Chrome is more popular than all its rivals put together, but because it’s owned and developed by Google, it’s hardly a paragon of privacy.

There are frequent reports of vulnerabilities found in Chrome, which is a prime target for hackers and even Microsoft has criticized Google for failing to patch flaws responsibly. Of particular concern is the way your private data is synced using Google’s servers, potentially sharing your browsing history, bookmarks, password and more with the search giant.

Switch to Another Chromium browser.

Anyone wanting to browse the web anonymously is best off using Tor, which conceals who and where you are, and what you do online. However, it can’t compete with Chrome for speed and versatility. For a less nosy and less Google-like version of Chrome, you need to look to Chromium (, the open-source browser project that Chrome is based on.

Before anyone points out our blunder- yes, we know that Chromium is owned and developed by Google. However, it also provides the basis of at least 20 other browsers, some of which offer a more private (and more innovative) browsing experience than Chrome. However, using Chromium in its pure form isn’t advisable, because the builds are intended for developers and don’t update automatically.

Let’s take a look at the best Chromium-based contenders.

List of Chromium-based Browser which can Replace Google Chrome.

01. Brave

Key features- Brave automatically include automatic blocking of ads, trackers and dodgy scripts.

Brave Privacy Browser.
Brave Browser

Brave recently switched to using Chromium source code for performance reasons, but its focus remains on keeping you safe and private online. Brave’s built-in tools include automatic blocking of ads, trackers and dodgy scripts; a private-tab mode that goes further than Chrome’s by preventing cookies from following you around the web; a choice of secure password managers (unlike Chrome’s feeble option); and automatic redirection to HTTPS sites. 

As Brave is now based on Chromium, you can even install your favorite Chrome extensions, so you get the best of both worlds. The browser is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Note- Brave uses Chrome’s source code but adds an array of privacy tools.

02. Vivaldi

Key features- Vivaldi is packed with clever tools like tab stacking, mouse gestures, pull-out panels, tab previews, and screenshot capture.

Vivaldi Privacy Browser
Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is one of the best browsers for 2018 and it hasn’t let us down, constantly refining its interface, adding useful new tools and quickly fixing bugs. Although Vivaldi uses the same Chromium engine as Chrome and lets you install add-ons from the Chrome Web Store, it actually looks more like Opera and is packed with clever tools including tab stacking, mouse gestures, pull-out panels, tab previews, and screenshot capture

The latest stable version introduced data syncing across devices, and Vivaldi emphasizes that it uses its own encrypted sync system, not chrome’s. “As it’s unable to get any data from Vivaldi users, Google does not benefit from Vivaldi is based on Chromium”, which makes it much more private choice.

Note- Vivaldi is keen to ensure it doesn’t suffer the Chrome’s privacy issues.

03. Epic Privacy Browser

Key features- Epic Privacy Browser blocks ads, tracking cookies and scripts and has a built-in proxy that encrypts data, hide your location.

Epic Privacy Browser
Epic Privacy Browser

Epic could almost be described as “Chromium without chrome”, such is its obsession with protecting your privacy and rigorous omission of features that could compromise it. For example, rather than storing your browsing data indefinitely, Epic automatically clears it at the end of each session.
Like Brave, Epic blocks ads, tracking cookies and scripts without needing third-party extension, and has a built-in proxy that encrypts your data, hide your location and is automatically enabled when you use a search engine. 

Options found in Chromium that sends information to external servers, such as address-bar autocomplete, are removed in Epic to prevent data leakage. On the downside, you can’t install any add-ons aside from seven approved ‘secure’ ones and Epic suffers from stability issues.

Note- Epic Privacy Browser uses Chromium to Keep you anonymous online.


All these three Chromium-based browsers which we discuss above provides better privacy than Google Chrome and they are not going to store your data and browsing history for any other purpose.

If you are still more concern about your privacy then you can check our post- Best Privacy Browser To Keep YouAnonymous Online.

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