5 Best Neckband Bluetooth Headset Under 3000 in India in 2019.

Best Neckband Bluetooth Headset

Realme launched the first wireless neckband earphones in India and it is really cool. Well, it’s a no-brainer to understand who is it competing against. The Realme buds Wireless is going to compete with Xiaomi Mi wireless neckband and some other bestsellers from Amazon like Mivi, Samsung and Boult.

Now the question is which is the best wireless neckband earphones to buy under 3000 rupees and here I’m only talking about neckband earphones and not the truly wireless ones.

So, let's just jump into this but before reading this post, here is the list of wireless neckband we are going look into in this post.

List of Best Neckband Bluetooth Earphones.

Neck Band Earphones are slightly different from wired and wireless ones. Due to the surrounding neck design, you get convenient media, better battery life, and superior call quality.

In this post, we will be judging these neckbands based on the belt, Bluetooth range, battery life, call, and audio quality. So, let's start with the order of pricing and first up we have-

01. Boult Audio ProBass Bluetooth Headset.

Boult Audio ProBass Bluetooth Headset
Boult Audio ProBass

Lets start with its built quality, the quality is poor which you can check by shacking the headphone-the parts are rattling inside. Talking about the design, the right side of the band we have music controls like pause, play skip etc and you can pick your calls also.

The earbuds are magnetic which is quit pretty standard. I did like the adjustable wire length which is missing in Mi and Realme neckbands.
One an important feature of this neckband is that it can connect to two devices at once, which means you can connect it with your laptops and smartphone at once and suppose you are watching YouTube on your laptop and you get a call on your Android it immediately switches to the other device and you can receive your call effortlessly but it does not the pause the video which was playing and overall it’s just shoddy.

It contain a Lithium Polymer battery with a Play Time of 10hrs and need 2hrs for completing charging. 

Coming to the sound, these have a slightly boosted sound and it does get distorted at higher volumes but that’s okay and apart from that, they sounded good and not much to complain about. These have the best range of 10m which is probably good and the rest all is just average. If you are on a budget the Boult Audio ProBass is a good option.

Key Specification and Pricing.

Price- Rs. 1099 (68%OFF) 
Bluetooth version- 4.2
Bluetooth range- 10m
Play Time- 10hrs

02. Mi Neckband Bluetooth Headset.

Mi Neckband bluetooth headset
Mi Neckband

Mi neckband is definitely feeling better built than the Boult ones but they can’t connect to two devices at once, what’s good is the sound quality, I have to say that these are the most balanced earphones out of the lot. The bass is not too boosted and if you’re someone who likes to listen for longer durations while being relatively active, you would like this one.

The battery life is good and it would last around six hours of continuous playback. The only thing to complain about is the cable length, it’s too long and there is no adjustment hoops.

Overall, if you’re looking for a decent pair of the neckband with balanced audio, decent build and call quality go for the Mi Neck Band.

Key Specification and Pricing. 

Price- Rs. 1599 (20%OFF)
Bluetooth version- 5.
Bluetooth range- 10m.
Play Time- 6hrs.

03. Realme Buds Wireless.

Realme Buds Wireless
Realme Buds Wireless

This is the one you have been waiting for, the Realme wireless earbuds. First of all, these look pretty dame cool and I really like the yellow and black color combination and they also have some pretty fancy colors apart from this.

Now the sound quality, they sound really similar to the Mi Neck Band with a 10 percent boosted bass. For the sound I pick-up the Mi ones. While all the neckband has a magnet to keep them from dangling when not in your ears but in Realme as soon as you connect the magnets the earphone goes off and disconnected from your phone and music get paused exactly like the One Plus bullets magnetic controls but under budget and then when you separate them-boom they get connected to your phone again. No matter how many times you do it, it’s seamless and it’s amusing as well.

Another thing worth pointing out is even though the design is not bulkier these neckband manage to last 10 to 12 hours while the other neckbands max out at about 8 hours. For audio latency, we did play PUBG with both the MI and Realme buds and both of them do have a lag but quite passable.

These Realme buds wireless would suit people who like to listen to music for a long time while they are studying or an office or during your daily commute. I can recommend the real me Wireless to most people.

Key Specification and Pricing.

Price- Rs. 1799. 
Bluetooth version-5.0.
Bluetooth range- 10m.
Play Time- 12hrs.

04. Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Headphones.

Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth headset
Samsung Original Level U

So up until now, we tested Boult Audio ProBass, Mi wireless neckband, and the Realme wireless earbuds and all of these lags of two things, in particular, Apt-X and vibration motor.

In the case you don’t know, normal wireless earphones work on SBC Bluetooth codec which is subpar average, the latest Bluetooth codec is Qualcomm Apt-X and if you have Apt-X there would be lesser latency and better audio quality due to lossless compression.

The design of Samsung Original Level U is great, some of you will love the earbuds design as they don’t go inside your ear canal it’s quite comfortable and you can hear the ambient sound as well. And one more thing to note is that it has a vibration motor so when you receive calls there is good amount of vibration on the neckband and call quality is also good.

As Samsung Level U has Apt-x so the sound is bound to be good but it did sound weird though because all the time thought the music is playing behind me and I could still hear ambient noise. I am not used to the canal earphone design and These ones clearly aren’t for me.

If you hate the in-ear design Samsung Level U is the best you can get, as it has a great call quality a good vibration motor and decent Bluetooth range and Samsung Level U is a good option if you don’t  consider yourself an audiophile.

Key Specification and Pricing. 

Price- Rs. 2199 (27%OFF).
Bluetooth version-4.1.
Play Time- 11hrs.

05. Mivi Collar Neckband Bluetooth Headset.

Mivi Collar Neckband Headset
Mivi Collar Neckband

Finally, we have reached the last of our list, these neckband earphones are quite popular on Amazon and I do get the reason- the specs are incredible, you have an all-metal built Qualcomm Apt-x, vibration motor and it can connect to two devices at once which is great and overwhelming.

This is the only neckband that comes with Qualcomm CVC noise cancellation which offer better call quality and in our testing, it sounded similar to every other wireless neckband earphones but here’s what I didn’t like is the bass was too boosted to my liking and if you hear a lot of rap songs or vocals the audio does get easier and distorted and higher volumes, apart from that the way it feels a little bit clunky and it’s hard to run with these.

Additionally this earbuds design is altogether wrong. These buds are metallic and when you plug they hit the ear wall and I couldn’t wear them for more than an hour, it gets really uncomfortable if the buds are metallic the should haven’t been designed like this. If you don’t mind the extra weight and regular discomfort these are for you pun intended.

Key Specification and Pricing. 

Price- Rs. 2599 (27%OFF).
Bluetooth version-4.1.
Bluetooth range-10m
Play Time- 10hrs.


So, now which one should you get. Well, if you have a budget constraint the Boult ProBass is the best budget wireless neckband you can get but you should really avoid it due to the poor build quality. Now between the Mi and the Realme one, I would definitely recommend the Realme one because this offers more value and should be a good one to rock. If you don’t mind the slight bass boost and just in case if you don’t like the in-ear design you can get the Samsung level U but the audio quality is really not good.

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