GitHub CEO saying about evolving position of China in all private meetings.

github contract with immigration and customs enforcement

Due to the GitHub contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, tensions keep on growing over GitHub contract and now activists are giving pressure to the company to cut ties with the agency.  

In a meeting which was held on yesterday among the employees, a lot of debatable questions were arisen by all executives on the controversial contract. GitHub CEO, Nat Friedman handled all the questions and quaries of representatives and employees. Nat Friedman has given an answer to every question and also clarify why the company renews a $200,000 contract with the immigration agency. The Verge has got a transcript of the conversation which we are going to discuss below.

“This is an important topic not on the grounds that we find this issue of US immigration policy so odious, offensive, despicable, pitiless, abhorrent, such an important topic, “Friedman stated, “I personally feel that. I know many other Hubbers share that thought.”

In the meeting, when employees ask about how the company is going to work with non-democratic countries like China. Friedman said that he didn’t have a firm answer but noticed that open-source programs and software were available in countries like Iran.

Friedman highlighted that he didn’t think discontinuing the contract would affect ICE’s requirement approach. “We don’t accept that unplugging technologies from government offices will have an effect on policy.  Friedman also highlighted one more point to their employees that, “there is no constructive effect of on the real results for migrants or for individuals who are influenced by those approaches.”

GitHub has clearly said that the decision keeping the ICE contract was made after the meeting and consultation with Microsoft’s top officials, explicitly naming CEO Satya Nadella, president Brad Smith, and cloud VP Scott Guthrie. However, GitHub CEO denied that there is a pressure on GitHub to maintain the contract, saying rather that it was important for the two administration groups to be adjusted on contracting arrangement.

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