How To Fix a broken key on your laptop in Windows.

fix broken key of laptop

If a desktop PC key stops working, buying a new keyboard is a quick and easy fix. For a laptop, however, a keyboard replacement can be much more expensive.

To avoid this use SharpKeys instead to reassign (or ‘remap’) the function of any key.
So, for example, if your Windows key doesn’t work, you can make the Alt Gr key function as the Windows key instead.

The following steps to fix a broken key of your laptop in Windows.

Download and install SharpKeys from (select the MSI link). SharpKeys works by making changes to the Windows registry, so we recommend you create a system restore point before starting and back up your personal files.  

To change a key’s function, click Add. Select the key you want to repurpose in the list on the left, then choose the key command you want it to adopt using the list on the right.

fix broken key of laptop in windows

You can select the keys by clicking Type key, then pressing the appropriate key on your keyboard, but if you’re fixing a broken key, you’ll need to scroll through the list on the right to select the key.

In our example, we clicked Type Key on the left, pressed the Alt Gr key, then scrolled down the list on the right and select ‘special: Left Windows’.

When you’re made your choices, click OK, then ‘Write to Registry’. Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

You can make as many key-mapping commands as you like. Since SharpKeys makes changes to the registry, you don’t need to load it each time you boot Windows.

Key changes you make will remain active until you remove them using SharpKeys- highlight them, then click Delete.

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