How To Monitor your time on different Social Media.

time you spend in social media

If  you find yourself endlessly scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds for several hours every day, then check out the social network’ new dashboards, which serve as a regular reminder of how much the time you’re wasting.

They show you how many hours you’ve spent on Instagram or Facebook over the past week, along with your daily average, allowing you to take action by cutting the number of notifications you receive. Crucially, they also let you set a reminder that prompt you to stop browsing after a set of time.

Access the time monitoring dashboard On Facebook and Instagram.

In Facebook- Access your dashboard on Facebook by selecting the Menu button and choosing Settings & Privacy, ‘Your time on Facebook’.

In Instagram- Simply tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of your profile and select Your Activity.

Just be aware that the times are shown only relate to the device on which the app is running, so estimates won’t be accurate if you keep switching between desktop and mobile.

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