How To Use Google Services Without A Gmail Address.

Use Google service without a gmail address
Use Google Without Gmail

“One an account is all you need,” says Google, “one free account gets you into everything Google”. You may infer from this Lord of the Rings-style mantra that Google is referring to a Gmail account, which will tie you into its privacy-guzzling ecosystem for all eternity. However, it’s perfectly possible to use most Google tools without Gmail- and not just Search, YouTube, Maps and other public open sites, but those that require signing in, such as Drive, Docs and Photos.

How To Stick With Your Current Email Address.

To register for a Gmail-free Google experience-

Go to its Sign Up Without Gmail page and enter your name (or pseudonym, if you like) and email address which can be a fake one from a temporary service, provided Google allows it and it lets you receive Google’s confirmation email.

Create Google Account Without Gmail
Create a Google Account Without Gmail

Be sure not to click the ‘I would like a new Gmail address’ option- if you do, choose ‘I prefer to use my current email address’ to switch back.
You’ll also, need to enter your date of birth and gender (again, these can be fake), and provide your mobile number so Google can send you a verification code (this is harder to fake!).

Delete Your Google Account Forever
Delete Google Account

The chances are that you already have a Google account with an associated Gmail address, but if you feel like starting afresh, you can either delete it at or just ditch your Gmail account at

Using Android Without a Gmail Account.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to use an Android phone or tablet without a Gmail address, to stop Google spying on your mobile activities. However, this will prevent you from accessing the Google Play Store and Android’s backup and syncing tools.

When you set up your device, tap Skip when you’re prompted to sign in to Gmail, then Skip again to confirm that you want to use Android without a Google account. 

Use Android Without Gmail

A couple of screens later, you’ll be asked to opt into some extra Google services, but you can decline these and tap Agree to continue. 

Built-in Google apps including Maps, Chrome, and YouTube will still work, as will the Contacts app, but be prepared for constant nags to sign into Google! 

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