Instagram New Dark Mode for Android and iOS Devices.

instagram dark mode and other features

Instagram is going for several changes to it's Android and iOS apps this week. The Instagram application now ready to support dark mode on both Android and iOS. As known the company was testing this feature for a long time and now it is taking off to the users. 

One more important change is that Instagram is removing the Following tab from its Activity feed that lets the user browse through other Instagram activity. Instagram is also going to add security features that are going to help you avoid phishing scams.     

By this new Instagram updates, scrolling through your feed and tapping through Stories become much easier on your eyes but you can avoid this feature if you’re a fan of Instagram’s popping colors and white borders.

instagram new dark mode and security updates
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But, Instagram doesn’t give you a chance to flip the dark mode options on or off within the app itself. That implies it needs to coordinate your iPhone’s settings, which is entirely standard right now as most iOS apps developer are adding dark mode support for the first time.

With new dark mode option, Instagram is also removing the Following tab in its Activity feed. With this tab, the user can browse friend activity on Instagram. Instagram is also helping users in avoiding phishing scams

They are going to add a new security feature which will contain a list of official email addresses from companies that can help the user to cross-check that the email they are receiving is from the relevant company or a scam.  


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