Microsoft Launched New Keyboards with Office and Emoji Keys.

microsoft launched new keyboards
Microsoft Keyboard

Microsoft has launched new keyboards which include dedicated keys for Office and emoji. Microsoft was testing for Office key on keyboards for a long time and now the company is launching a Bluetooth Keyboard that includes the Office key. The space for these two extra keys, Office and emoji keys is made by replacing the right-hand Windows key. 

Now the user can use this key to launch Word, Excel, PowerPoint and can access many other office features. You can use the new Office key for different keyboard shortcuts like Office key + w opens Word and Office key + X opens Excel.   

With Office key, there is one more emoji key is added to the new Microsoft keyboard. However, according to me a specific key for emoji in Windows 10 is not even necessary. May be by this emoji key the company want to encourage the user to use emoji more freely between the text messages.

How To Use Emoji in Windows 10 without emoji key button.

You don’t have to buy this new keyboard just to use emoji in windows 10, you can use the virtual keyboard available on Windows 10 to use emoji between your text. As an additional emoji button is already present there in the virtual keyboard.   

virtual keyboard emoji

Keyboard types with their price. 

Microsoft has launched these keyboards at the hardware event of the company last week, but the keyboard will available to buy from October 15th. At present, the two different variants for this keyboard is known, one is Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard which will cost around $59.99 and the other one is smaller Bluetooth Keyboard which will cost around $49.99 with Bluetooth 5.0 support with 3 years of battery life.

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