How To Make Microsoft Edge Run Faster.

Run Microsoft Edge Faster
Speed Up Microsoft Edge

Very fewer people use Microsoft Edge their default browser for browsing. But if you are among those people who use Microsoft Edge as a browser then this post is important for you.

In this post, I am going to discuss how you can use flags in Edge and about some settings to make Edge much faster.

Tweak Microsoft Edge Settings to Make it Faster.

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge browser has a section for experimental features that you can access by typing about:flags into the address bar and press Enter.

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Edge doesn’t offer many settings that you can change. Earlier there was a setting, Enable TCP Fast Open settings which no longer offered because they were causing users problems.

Make Microsoft Edge Run Faster
Microsoft Edge Settings

If your PC has a decent amount of memory, you can try enabling the options to ‘Allow unrestricted memory consumption for web pages’. This should speed up browsing, but you should keep an eye on your system performance and be sure to close unused tabs and restart Edge from time to time. You have to restart the browser for changes to take place.


This setting only works if your PC has enough memory for Edge consumption to load the web pages faster than before. And if you face any other problem after enabling the setting then you can get back to normal by clicking on 'Reset all flags to default' inside flags section. 

Reset all flags to default

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