How To Access Command History of Command Prompt in Windows 7, 8.1, & 10

Windows Command Prompt is a tool used to give instructions to the system. It is used in troubleshooting the issue and can perform all sorts of functions.

One of the drawbacks of using Command Prompt is that some commands can stretch to many characters, making it easy for mistakes to slip in.

You can use the arrow keys to cycle through and repeat past commands, but repeatedly tapping the up key to find the one you’re after takes time.

Quickly Access the Past commands of Windows Command Prompt.

A quicker way to access past commands is by pressing F7 (Fn + F7). A box will then appear, listing all your previous commands. You can now browse the list more easily using the arrow keys.

Quickly access the past commands of command prompt
Past commands of Command Prompt

If you spend a lot of time in Command Prompt, you can extend the default 50-command history. 

To do this, right-click the Command Prompt window’s title bar, select Properties. 

Properties of Command Prompt
Command Prompt Properties

Then move to the Options tab. In the Command History section, change the Buffer Size accordingly.

command history
Command History

You can choose to save up to 999 past commands, but be aware the command history is lost when you close the Command Prompt window. 

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