How To Select Multiple Items Faster In Windows 10.

There are many purposes for which we have to select multiple items in Windows 10, for copying, moving or deleting multiple items at a time.

To copy, move or delete a number of files in a folder, most of the people will hold down the Ctrl key and select them using the mouse button.

However, it’s all too easy to accidentally click the wrong files, especially if you’re viewing them as file names rather than large icons. There’s an easier way that involves using your keyboard instead of your mouse.

To do this, hold the Ctrl key and select the first file with your mouse in the normal way. But instead of using the mouse to highlight the other files, keep the Ctrl key held down, use arrow keys to move to the next file, then press Space to select it.

How To select multiple files faster in windows 10
Select Multiple Files in Windows 10

If you accidentally select a file you don’t want to include, return to it using the arrow keys, then press Space again.

You need to hold down the Ctrl key at all times while selecting files. If you release it and select another file, your previous selection will be lost.  

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