Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser will launch in January 15th, Download and Review.

new edge browser
Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft is going to release a new Chromium base Edge browser with a new logo on 15th January 2020. The New Edge Browser is almost ready to use and if you want to test, you can download the Beta-version which is available to download on the official website of MicrosoftEdge Insider.

The New Edge will be available for Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS from January 2020 and it also includes sync support for passwords, history, favorites, and settings across Windows, iOS, and Android.

The logo of the New Edge browser is also changing, as the older logo looks like a letter ‘e’ which Microsoft is using from the past 20 years but the new logo looks like a wave and much pretty than the older one.

new edge logo
New Edge Logo

How To Download and Install New Chromium Edge.

The official date of releasing of new Chromium Edge is 15th January 2020 for the users but the beta version the New Edge is available to download and install from the official website of Microsoft Edge Insider.

The downloading and installing process is quite simple and easy like installing any other software. 

After installing the new Edge browser, you’ll be asked to import your browsing data from the previous browser but if you don’t want to import then choose ‘Continue without importing’ and click on Next.

new edge browser installation

In the next step, you have to choose a new tab page type and there are three options available to choose from- Inspirational, Informational, and Focused

chromium edge installation

Here I will suggest you go with Focused because the other two options might show you some irrelevant news and posts.

In the third step, they will ask you to sync browser data across all your signed-in devices using your email address but if you don’t want then click on the disable button and next. 

edge installation

You can also add browser data from the Edge settings later if you want through Edge settings.

At last, they will ask you to Allow Microsoft Edge to use your browsing history from this account for personalized advertising, search, news, and other Microsoft services click on next and now you are ready to use the New Chromium Edge browser. 

new edge browser

Microsoft Edge uses Bing as its default browser which you can change accordingly.

Review of Microsoft New Chromium Edge Browser. Beta

I am using the beta version of new Chromium Edge from last three days and here I am going to give you a complete review of the new Chromium Edge. I am going to use the Google Chrome browser for the comparison as Chrome is the world's most favorite browser.

  • New Tab of Chromium Edge.

The new tab of Chromium Edge consists of a search bar, some quick links and a setting icon in the upper-right corner. Unlike Google Chrome, when you scroll down in the new Edge browser you will get personalized news and more which you can personalize base on your interest.

New Edge browser
New Tab of Chromium Edge

  • Browsing Speed of response time.

I am using Google chrome browser for a long time and when I work with more number of tabs, Chrome starts lagging on my laptop. As I am working on the new Edge browser from the last three days and its response time is quite faster and unlike Chrome, it doesn’t lag with more number of tabs. 

We cannot judge the performance of the new Chromium Edge browser much as it is still in its beta mode.   

And it will be quite tough for the new Edge browser to compete with Google Chrome browser as Chrome contains a lot of customizable features and settings and Google a default search engine in it.

I found new Chromium Edge as a great future competitor for all other web browsers available in present.

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