How To Make your iPhone Battery Life Last Longer.

Make iPhone Battery Last For Longer Hour.

A power source that can no longer hold its charge quickly becomes frustrating. Replacing an exhausted battery through official channels costs $65 on iPhone 8 and earlier, and $90 on anything more recent, and can leave you without your phone for between six and eight days. If you’re still covered by the warranty it will be swapped out for free, but that doesn’t get around the issue or not having your phone to hand when you need it.

So, anything you can do to keep it in peak condition is a real money-and frustration-saver, and could put off the day you need to replace the phone. 

Here, I discuss two different methods to save your iPhone battery, by method 1 you will be able to save your battery for every-day use and make it last for a longer time and by method 2, you can optimize your battery settings to increase your battery life. 

Method 01: Save iPhone Battery For Longer Time.

One simple but the important setting which you can do to preserve the battery life of your iPhone is by adjusting your screen brightness.

You can do it manually or iPhone has a feature which automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen according to lighting conditions.

01. To activate this Auto-Brightness feature on your iPhone, open your iPhone Settings and tap on General.

02. In General settings, tap on Accessibility and scroll down and select Display Accommodations.

03. Inside Display Accommodations you will find a toggle button to set Auto-Brightness turn On.

iPhone Battery Life
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Add to: A Wi-Fi connection uses less power than cellular network so if possible try to use Wi-Fi to access data.

Note: The above setting is only valid for iOS 11 and higher versions. Early up to iOS 10, this option was available to access from the Display & Brightness section.

Method 02: Increase your iPhone Battery Life.

One most important factor behind the battery life of any iPhone or even any device is the way you charge the device.

That 80 per cent figure is key: batteries are happiest when between 20 and 80 percent charged. Sitting at either extreme-totally empty or full-stresses them, which is why leaving a phone, tablet or laptop plugged in once it’s reached 100 a percent is not recommended.

Apple has introduced Optimized Battery Charing with the roll-out of iOS 13 to iPhone 6S and later models (it’s not included in iPadOS). It’s a feature that learns when you most often leave your phone plugged in for long periods, and uses this tailor it's charging until shortly before you’d usually unplug it, at which point it tops it up to the brim. Know more about Optimized Battery Charging.

To turn on Optimized Battery Charging, open Settings, and tap Battery, followed by Battery Health. Tap the switch beside Optimised Battery Charging so that it slides to the right and takes on a green background.

Improve iPhone Battery Life.

For anyone who charges overnight, this is perfect. 

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