How To Silence Unknown calls and Spam from the people you don’t know in iPhone.

iPhone Settings

Your iPhone display the number and, if it’s in your contact list, the name of any person who’s calling. That’s great if your phone beside you, as you’ll know right away whether it’s worth answering. If it’s in your bag or pocket, though-or another room- it’s less handy, as you’ll have to find your phone first, which could be a waste of time.

Fortunately, iOS 13 has a great solution to this problem. You can ignore calls from anyone who you haven’t added to the Contact app. iOS 13 has a new feature that allows you to “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Before using this feature make sure the important people in your life are listed in your contact list, and anyone who shouldn’t be able to call you has been erased.

01. To block unknown calls on your iPhone, open Settings and tap Phone.

02. Scroll down the following screen and tap the switch beside "Silence Unknown Callers". You are done.
Block Unknown Calls

See, it’s very simple and two-step process. Now your iPhone only rings when someone from your contact list is the call’s you.

While this doesn’t block unrecognized numbers, it does send them straight to voicemail without sounding the ring. You can then check in with the messages at a convenient moment. In many cases, spam or marketing callers won’t bother leaving a message at all.

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