How To Turn off all Notification Sound in Windows 10. New Update.

Windows Notification Settings

All notifications in Windows play a sound by default when they appear and if you get a lot of notifications, the barrage of ‘dring’ soon starts to grate whenever you turn on your PC.

There is an option in Windows settings to turn off audio alerts off for each program individually. And now after the November Windows update, Windows has given an extra option by which you can silence notification alerts for all programs in just one click.

To turn off all audio notification, open Windows Settings > System > Notifications and actions.
Under Notifications section, you’ll now see a new ‘Allow notifications to play sounds’ box, which is ticked by default.

Scroll down and untick the box of “Allow notifications to play sound” to mute all notification.

Disable sound notification

Now you are not going to hear any dring sound of notifications which working on your PC. But if you want to hear notification alert sound from some specific program, you can turn them on for some individual program.

notification of windows

To adjust the notification setting for individual programs, scroll down and select the relevant program. You’ll now see new preview windows for the banner and Action Center notification styles showing you how they appear.

Here you can also set the number of notification you want to receive in the action center and the priority of notifications in the action center.

Windows notification settings

Action Center is the list of notification you receive on your Windows system and you can access this from the lower right corner of your Windows system.

Also new is the option to change settings whenever a notification appears by hovering over it, then clicking the cog icon. A menu will now appear, allowing you to select between opening the notification settings for that specific program, going to the general notifications settings for all programs, or simply turning notifications off for that program.

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