Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Complete Review.

The hunters become the hunted in this latest installment.

Available for- PS4, Xbox One, PC.

Ubisoft knew they had big shoes to fill after the success of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint was the answer to it. However, after playing the latest installment, we feel it falls short and needs a few more updates to make it a perfect successor.

The game Ghost Recon is all about, facing your deadliest enemy yet, The Wolves, former Ghosts who have betrayed their country. Led by the charismatic Colonel Cole D. Walker they have taken control of Auroa for an unknown purpose. Now in control of Auroa’s powerful drone technology The Wolves and their allies will hunt you mercilessly across Auroa.

The ex-Ghost operatives called ‘The Wolves’ have taken control of Auroa, an island located somewhere in the South Pacific. Now, this wouldn’t be a big issue but it is also the home of Skell Technologies who have developed and tested advanced military weaponry, which is now in the hands of The Wolves. Your objective is to defeat the highly advanced Wolves.
In this game, you are going to experience life as a Ghost, an elite US Special Operations soldiers, as you fight back from behind enemy lines on the toughest the mission of your career.

To understand this game, it is better to play by yourself or you can read the key features of Ghost Recon Breakpoint explained below-

When your Ghost takes damage they also become injured, the injuries will slow you down and reduce your combat effectiveness which requires additional time and resources to heal your Ghost back up to peak fighting condition.

The world of Auroa will push your Ghost to their limits. Properly managing your stamina will be essential to surviving and fighting back.
The Bivouac is a temporary camp where you and your Ghosts can rest and prepare for the next mission.

When your ally is down and needs help in the middle of a firefight, you can quickly put them over your shoulder and move to some safe place to get them back on their feet.

The open-world Auroa is visually pleasing with a terrain that you can take advantage of. However, it can work against you since Ubisoft has tried to bring realism to this test the character’s stamina. For instance, traversing through water and snow can slow you down or if you get injured, your combat may not be as effective. The game also introduces Bivouacs for players that allow your character and other Ghost to rest, clean weapons, change classes, craft items and more.

The progression system allows you to acquire powerful weapons and gear but the good thing about this tactical spec-ops game is that you can kill even a higher level enemy with a headshot or two if they are with a helmet. 

That said, the game is not free from issues and they are way too many. For instance, the gun disappears from the character’s hands or it won’t let you kill the enemy.

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